Plastic Film Cutting: How To Choose The Best Company

Plastic Film Cutting

July 6, 2023

Plastic films can be supplied in various sizes and forms to suit each project or...

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Melinex Plastic – The Gold Standard Food Safe Plastic


July 6, 2023

If you’re looking for food safe plastics for your packaging or handling applications,...

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Are You In Graphic Films And Adhesives Marketing? Read This Before You Choose Your Supplier

Plastic Films for Large Format / Graphic Print

September 15, 2022

Film for printable graphics is incredibly popular in the signage, marketing, and research...

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Mylar Industrial Film

Mylar Film

August 14, 2022

Industrial Mylar® film is an incredibly popular plastic film product in the industrial...

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What is Melinex Film?


April 22, 2022

Melinex is a popular type of polyester plastic film that can benefit organizations in a...

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What is Mylar?


February 15, 2022

A big part of choosing plastic film materials for your business is finding a reliable...

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