Capabilities of an ID Card Manufacturer

Around the world, Secure ID cards are an important part of everyday life. Their importance is only being elevated by new high-tech features and capabilities. Throughout the lifespan of these cards, quality materials are needed to protect users’ information and secure access capabilities. That’s where plastic films for secure ID card manufacturing often play an important role.





Choosing an experienced supplier and secure ID card manufacturer can help businesses, organizations, and individuals enjoy enhanced security features and prolonged life spans of their ID and access cards. Here are some things to know before investing in materials or production services.



Benefits of Secure ID Cards



Secure ID cards may include credit cards, driver’s licenses, workplace access cards, and more. These may facilitate payments, grant access to sensitive areas, and protect secure data in the workplace and beyond.



Today, these security measures are more necessary than ever – both in physical and digital settings. Businesses and organizations are constantly having to update security protocols and put measures in place to protect employees, facilities, and customers to the best of their abilities. A quality secure ID card manufacturer can help you put these measures into place quickly and provide materials that are able to stand the test of time.



Nearly everyone is familiar with standard state ID cards and/or passports. These materials enhance security in entire communities, especially among various transit lines. However, they can only be beneficial if the plastic can stand up to daily wear and tear if the plastic films surrounding each individual’s photos and information wear down or become obstructed easily, the cards will hold less utility, which may impede the ability for various agencies to verify identities and keep everyone safe.



On a smaller scale, many businesses and organizations use secure ID cards to grant employees access to restricted areas. Many have begun using these cards to store codes or data that can be digitally scanned, controlling the flow of information they want to keep secure, like customer lists and payment data. In these cases, cards simplify the process for people who actually do need to access these areas or types of information, while keeping them out of the hands of others. So businesses can enjoy enhanced security without disrupting their daily operations.



Qualities of Secure ID Card Materials



A quality secure ID card manufacturer should have access to quality materials that allow cards to be durable as they act as a slip-sleeve for company and corporate identification. As such, they must be built with daily use in mind as employees go about their duties.



A few of the most common types of damage that secure ID cards must be able to withstand include intentional physical alterations, mistreatment, exposure to moisture or chemicals, various weather conditions, friction, and daily wear and tear. Because of all these potential threats, secure ID card manufacturers must be able to deliver cards made with plastics that offer a variety of high-performance qualities.



For most of these cards and secure materials, plastic films provide the base of each card and/or protective layers surrounding them. There are a variety of plastics that meet the needs of companies that rely on ID cards for security purposes. A few popular options include LEXAN polycarbonate, PET polyester, PVC films, PETG, and PPG Teslin. Each of these materials offers a different level of durability, visibility, flexibility, and strength. It is important to first consider your organizational goals and the daily use of your secure ID cards to choose the materials and designs that work best for your needs.



What to Look for in a Secure ID Card Manufacturer



If you already know that your company or organization could benefit from durable ID cards that fit your security and team needs, the next step is choosing a secure ID card manufacturer that can guide you through the process. The ability to communicate quickly and clearly to your secure ID card manufacturer allows your organization to tend to security needs right away instead of allowing potential holes in your protocol.



Additionally, it’s important to look for a secure ID card manufacturer that offers substrates able to withstand a number of potential issues. Most likely, a supplier that has access to a full inventory of plastic films will be able to deliver materials suiting your specific needs. For example, if your team needs to use their ID cards multiple times per day, you need a strong material like LEXAN polycarbonate that can prevent damage from impact or friction. Some industrial facilities may prioritize other features like moisture or chemical resistance to stand up to the specific environments that employee ID cards are likely to be exposed to.



If you’re looking for a secure ID card manufacturer that meets all these qualifications and more, contact PolymerFilms today. We have an extensive inventory of plastic film materials that offer properties vital to the secure ID card industries, including general durability, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance, and low shrinkage. Our team has years of experience serving this industry and can recommend the specific materials and solutions that meet your company’s exact needs. Our facilities are also outfitted with cutting-edge conversion equipment to meet and exceed all of your company’s requirements in terms of production, quality, and speed. To learn more about our products and services, visit our website to find your local facility.

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