Plastic Film Cutting: How To Choose The Best Company

Plastic films can be supplied in various sizes and forms to suit each project or organizational need. Though you can purchase stock films without any customizations, a plastic film cutting service can increase efficiency and reduce waste within your operations.



When produced, films are generally organized into master reels, which are large rolls that can be unfurled as needed. However, many companies do not require material of this size or in this particular form. So it can be practical, time-saving, and cost effective to have plastic films cut to more accurately suit your needs before they’re sent out.


If you use plastic films for any of your organizational processes or operations, a plastic film cutting service can save you time, limit the need for additional resources, and keep your team working at peak efficiency. Here’s a guide to some popular plastic film cutting services and the most important qualities to look for in a supplier.


Types of Plastic Film Cutting Services


There are multiple types of plastic film cutting services designed to produce different finished products. Choosing the right option really comes down to determining in what form you’d like to receive plastic film products. Here’s a guide to some common options:


  • Film slitting: This service involves cutting a roll of film down to a specific length or width. Basically, you can take the master reel and make it shorter, or you can cut away some of the film so that the roll contains less material. Film cut in this way still ships on a roll. So you receive raw material that you can then cut as needed. However, you may only need to cut in one direction, increasing efficiency and limiting waste. This option is often popular for firms that require plastic film in a fairly consistent size on an ongoing basis.
  • Film sheeting: Sheeting goes a step further than slitting. With this service, plastic film is cut from master reels and then trimmed down to the precise dimensions needed for a particular project. This can be completed for those needing just one sheet of film, as well as for those that need multiple sheets cut to the same size. Sheets are then laid flat, arranged in protective wrapping, and shipped as individual pieces. This service is most useful for companies that require multiple plastic film sheets of the exact same dimensions, since it eliminates the need for you to make any cuts and simply provides the material ready for use.
  • Laminating: In many cases, film sheeting can be used in conjunction with laminating. Once the materials are cut, they can be added over another sheet of material and pressed together, providing two-dimensional protection and a new finish.
  • Kitting: For those using multiple pieces of plastic film material, they can be kitted or packaged together to arrive ready for use in your applications. The materials first need to be cut using slitting or sheeting methods. But they can then be arranged in a custom way based on your needs.
  • Toll processing: This is not a cutting service per se. Instead, it is a way to recycle and reprocess plastic scraps that were cut away from other reels. The raw materials are melted down and made into new film material that can then be cut or formed into rolls or sheets that suit your specific projects.


Slitting and sheeting are the most prominent and basic film cutting services. But the other options can add even more value to your plastic film orders. Additionally, some firms may require different types of services for various projects.


What to Look for in a Plastic Film Cutting Service


Of course, the most important element when choosing a plastic film cutting service is to ensure they offer the services your company needs to meet your specific project objectives. If you need long rolls of film cut to your specific size needs, then film slitting may be the most important requirement for your team. However, those that need film sheets cut to the exact same dimensions may require a company that provides sheeting services.

Aside from just looking at the plastic film cutting services that your company requires right now, it can also be beneficial to look for a provider that offers an array of other options as well. This can allow your company to easily pivot or add options as you grow and evolve. The ability to rely on an existing, trusted supplier for materials and services can be invaluable as your business scales. This is true both for the plastic cutting service capabilities and the materials they have access to. Plastic film cutting is only useful if they can provide precise dimensions of the specific materials most beneficial to your company’s projects.


In addition to the actual services offered, it can be beneficial to look for a plastic cutting service that has processing centers relatively close to your location. This can help you get personalized service from a team that only serves a specific geographic area. And it can cut down on shipping and turnaround times as well. If your company uses quality plastic film products and could benefit from any of the cutting and customization services listed above, contact PolymerFilms today. We stock a huge inventory of plastic film products from top brands and our distribution centers are outfitted with quality plastic film cutting and conversion equipment to customize each order to our clients’ specific needs. Visit our website to find your closest location and request a quote for plastic film cutting.

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