Are You In Graphic Films And Adhesives Marketing? Read This Before You Choose Your Supplier

Film for printable graphics is incredibly popular in the signage, marketing, and research industries. These materials are easy to customize with various images, promotions, and marketing messages thanks to plastics that adhere effectively to printing inks and pigments. 


Not all materials are well suited to printing and graphics. And not all suppliers are equipped with the quality plastic films and industry knowledge to fill these needs. However, by finding and working with a supplier who has experience in the print and graphics industry, you can enjoy a positive experience and easily access all the high quality materials, substrates, and customization options to make your printed materials effective.


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What Are Some Popular Plastic Films for Printable Graphics?


For plastic films to work in the printing and graphics field, the surface must be able to adhere to printing inks and substrates. There are several materials that can do this effectively. Here are some popular options when it comes to film for printable graphics: 

  • HIPS, or High Impact Polystyrene, is a tough, dense version of polystyrene. It’s an incredibly versatile plastic that can be used for a huge array of projects across industries, including printing and graphics. Another main benefit of HIPS is its cost effectiveness. This makes it ideal for companies on a budget or those that need temporary signage or large amounts of plastic film for printable graphics. 
  • LEXAN™ polycarbonate film is a thermoplastic film that is also incredibly versatile. It generally comes in a clear finish, and it is incredibly tough and impact resistant. In fact, polycarbonate is known for being virtually unbreakable in many applications. So this may be a top choice in printed graphic applications where toughness and impact strength are needed.
  • PSA Vinyls, or vinyls made with pressure sensitive adhesive, are perfect for printable graphics. The material adheres to other surfaces easily just using pressure. So no additional solvents or heat may be needed to form a strong bond. 
  • PP, or Polypropylene, is a thermoplastic resin known for being tough and rigid in solid plastic forms. But it can also be soft and flexible when producing thin plastic films. 
  • PETG, or Polyethylene terephthalate glycol, is a thermoplastic that offers numerous durable qualities. It’s resistant to chemicals, moisture absorption, and holds up well against friction. 
  • Acrylic is a generally clear thermoplastic that can be used in a huge array of applications. It is known for being impact resistant, though not to the level of polycarbonate. 
  • Teslin and Tyvek™ are synthetic printing materials that are known for being more durable than paper. Produced by PPG Industries, these substrates can be provided in a number of different forms and customized to suit the needs of each printing project. 

What Should You Look for in a Graphic Films Supplier?


The purpose of printed graphics is generally to help businesses catch the attention of potential customers and convey powerful marketing messages to the public. As such, the materials used in the production of these messages must be able to show off clear, bold, and eye-catching designs for a wide variety of applications. Plastic films fit into this niche perfectly, since there are a variety of different materials that offer high performance benefits and the ability to adhere to graphics and other surfaces to provide a clean, professional looking finish. 


When considering a supplier for plastic film for printable graphics, it helps to work with a company that offers a large variety of options. Even if you only need one type of plastic film now, your needs may change in the future. And a supplier with a large inventory will be well positioned to guide you to the best material options as your business grows and your needs change. 


This large inventory may also give you access to high performance benefits you never considered before. For example, you may previously have just looked for plastic films that worked with your specific printing materials. But upon learning of the vast array of options available for printing applications and their various benefits, you may select a material like LEXAN polycarbonate, which can also provide added strength and impact resistance to your project.   


It’s also essential that your plastic film supplier has access to high quality materials from reputable suppliers. The last thing you want is for your printed messages to break down, lose adhesion, or otherwise degrade over time. Printed graphics aren’t just about the message; the quality of the materials you choose can also speak volumes about your brand to customers and members of the public. So look for suppliers with relationships with top manufacturers in the printing and graphics industry. 


In addition to material quality, service is an essential part of selecting a supplier. If they have experience specifically with plastic film for printable graphics, they may be able to guide you to the best materials and customization services for your needs. Other important considerations in this area include responsiveness and shipping timelines. 


What Makes PolymerFilmsshapes Stand Out as a Supplier of Film for Printable Graphics?


PolymerFilms is uniquely qualified to meet all the characteristics outlined above. We have access to an extensive inventory of quality plastic films from top manufacturers across the printing and graphics industry, and other fields as well. We also provide an array of value added services like reel cutting and sheeting to deliver plastic films ready for use. Our distribution centers are spread throughout North America, so our local teams are ready to provide fast quotes and responsive service to every customer. We can even answer material selection and customization questions to make sure your printing applications exceed your company’s high standards. Visit our website to find your nearest distribution center and reach out to our team today to get started.

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