Mylar Industrial Film

Industrial Mylar® film is an incredibly popular plastic film product in the industrial sector due to its high performance and relatively low cost. It offers functionality for many applications, from packaging to electronic components. 


However, industrial Mylar film has become increasingly difficult to source in recent years. As with many other products and industries, material and worker shortages have created increased timelines for buyers. And supply chain issues have exacerbated these problems even further. 


Luckily, there are suppliers still offering industrial Mylar film for those on tight project timelines. Read on for a full explanation of why Mylar industrial film is so popular and how to find the best provider to meet your needs. 


Mylar industrial film used as food packaging material


What Is Mylar Industrial Film?


If you use industrial Mylar film in any of your company’s applications, you likely know that it’s a durable material that offers a tight barrier and heat sealing properties. But did you know that Mylar is actually a brand name? The product is produced by DuPont and sold widely to industrial businesses around the world. The brand has basically become synonymous with the type of plastic, which is actually a type of PET or polyester plastic. 


So why is Mylar so popular? The material is incredibly durable and offers versatility for a huge array of applications, from food packaging to electronics. Its strength is one of the top qualities that companies seek out for their industrial applications. Specifically, Mylar offers high tensile strength that allows it to hold up well against pressure and stress. It can also maintain its chemical structure well when exposed to heat, making it a safe option for various food products and anything used around heavy machinery or electronics. 


Another major factor in Mylar’s popularity is its heat sealing and adhesion properties. Mylar can create an incredibly tight seal when pressed against itself or another surface. This seal can effectively trap heat on one side of the barrier to prevent energy transfer or protect items on the other side. This comes in handy in many packaging and industrial applications. 


In addition to the actual material properties, industrial Mylar film tends to be a popular option because of its ability to be produced and customized easily at scale. Large industrial firms often require large amounts of plastic film. So it’s important to source options that easily suit this need without driving up prices significantly for end users. However, this propensity for purchasing large amounts in each order can also be a contributing factor to material shortage issues. 


What Is Mylar Film Used For?


Mylar industrial film can be used in a huge array of applications. Basically, any type of packaging, electronic component, or equipment protection that requires a strong seal, heat barrier, or added tensile strength can benefit from this powerful plastic film option. Here are a few of the most popular applications. 


Mylar industrial film is a popular option within the packaging sector. Specifically, it’s often a top choice for food packaging, due to its ability to seal in heat during cooking and to protect foods from various contaminants, including moisture and chemicals. Food products require a tight seal to maintain health and safety. But the same qualities also make industrial Mylar film a top option in any packaging application where a strong barrier is required. 


Mylar industrial film is also a popular choice in the production of electronic capacitors and other devices that produce heat. Basically, the film provides a thin layer of insulation to keep the electrical energy contained where it’s supposed to be and prevent heat from melting or spreading to other vulnerable components. 


These are just a couple of the common applications for industrial Mylar film. The material can be used in nearly any area that requires a strong layer of protection. For example, it’s often used in the production of tags or ID card holders for those working around harsh environmental factors or to protect containers around industrial facilities. 


Why Is There a Shortage of this material?


The shortage of Mylar industrial film is similar to several other stories that have arisen after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Basically, as people stayed home and businesses slowed their operations, many industrial centers either halted or slowed their operations. This caused manufacturers to stop purchasing raw materials, and everyone in that chain adjusted accordingly. Then, when business picked back up again, many firms were not prepared for the increased demand they saw, as many consumers and businesses had additional funds to spend. 


This doesn’t mean that Mylar industrial film is unavailable now. But there are suppliers who are unable to stock this popular option. And some also provide longer wait times for items that aren’t in stock. 


Luckily, PolymerFilms is stocked up and ready to support you. If you need industrial Mylar film quickly for any of the applications listed above, we can provide the materials and high quality service you’ve come to expect. Since we’re one of the leading suppliers in the US and Canada, we have the capabilities to provide fast quotes, same-day shipping on certain orders, and a huge stock of inventory in our local distribution centers. We even offer cutting and customization services to ensure your industrial Mylar film or other plastic products arrive ready for use in your various projects. To experience the difference for yourself, visit our website to find your local distribution center and reach out to our team for a quote. 

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