5 Things to Know About PolymerFilms

Who is PolymerFilms?


Hi there! It’s nice to meet you. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are PolymerFilms and we are a leading plastic film distribution and converting company.


Our parent company, Polymershapes, has been in the plastics industry for over 70 years. Focusing in an array of plastic sheet, tube, and rod, Polymershapes has become the premier distributor of plastic materials.


We are headquarted in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we have 5 Film Conversion and Distribution Centers, as well as, 70+ stocking locations all over North America.



What is the difference between plastic film and plastic sheet material?


We’re so glad you asked! Here at PolymerFilms, we define plastic film as plastic material that holds a gauge of .030 and under; anything thicker is to be classified as plastic sheet material. 


Being a division of Polymershapes means that both plastic sheet and plastic film material are offered in our facilitates. 

Plastic sheet (a gauge that is more than .030) is offered in sheet, tube, and rod form, while plastic film (a gauage that is less than.030) is offered in sheet and roll form. 


What are our lead times and shipping fees?


Between our superb 5 Film Conversion Centers, we offer excellent lead times  and affordable shipping fares. 

Speed wins. And we mean it. With over 70 stocking locations across the continent, you’re sure to get your materials fast, no matter where you are. Our capabilities even allow us to offer you same-day shipping on certain orders.



What plastic film materials do we stock?


PolymerFilms works with world-class manufacturers to provide you with over 25 different plastic film materials in stock. Plastic film materials are stocked in rolls and sheets that can be cut-to-size. We’ve got over 70 stocking locations and have plastic film converting capabilities in our 5 Film Centers distributed all over North America.


Our most popular materials include LEXAN™, PETG, PVC, Teslin™, Polypropylene, and different forms of PET. You’ll find our distributed plastic film in common applications such as labels, medical testing strips, driver’s licenses, food packaging, and various auto parts.


At PolymerFilms, you get immediate access to an extensive inventory of plastic film materials from industry-leading brands. No matter the application, we’re sure to have the plastic film material that will get your project done right!


How does plastic film fit into my industry?


We work with world-class manufacturers who supply industry-leading plastic film materials. This means that you get to choose from the most cutting-edge options available on the market.


PolymerFilms provides plastic film solutions to a wide array of markets and industries including (but not limited to):

Transportation: Whether you require a material that have strict fame and/or toxicity requirements, our plastic films are a lighter and compliant alternative that are also impact, abrasion, and chemical resistant. The plastic film often found in this industry includes HDPE, LDPE, LEXAN™, Teslin, and UHMW, to name a few. Some common applications where you can see our plastic film used in the Transportation industry include cargo covers, automotive parts (dashboard and interior applications), window glazing, IMD face plates, and many more.


Print and Graphics: We offer plastic film material that is easy to process with optical clarity, mechanical strength, and consistent printability, making it perfect for the Print and Graphics industry. Our plastic film material, such as, Polypropylene, LEXAN™, PETG, and HIPS, offers a lighter alternative with a wide variety of standard and high-performance grade materials that also come in an array of surface finishes and textures. 


Medical: PolymerFilms plastic film materials curated for the medical industry are FDA and/or USP Class VI compliant and offer a lighter alternative that are also impact, abrasion, and chemical resistant. Common materials found within the Medical industry include HDPE, LDPE, LEXAN™. UHMW, PETG, and Polypropylene. These plastic films can be found in medical applications including face shields, orthopedic parts, medical packaging, diagnostic strips, medical shields, and other common implementations within the industry. 


Printed Electronics: We pride ourselves on offering plastic film materials that are print receptive, high stabilized, and compatible with UV screen print inks, making them perfect for the Printed Electronics industry. These materials, such as, LEXAN™, PET, PBT, and a multitude of high performance films are the perfect and lighter material alternative that offer impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. You can see our plastic film materials in the industry’s common application which include membrane switchboards and overlays, lenses for consumer electronics and handheld devices, printed circuit boards, functional controls, electronic displays, and sensors.


Secure ID and Card: PolymerFilms offers a wide range of plastic film materials that meet the unique demands of the Security ID and Card industry by providing plastic film materials that are durable, tamper resistant, and printable. These materials, such as Teslin™, LEXAN™, PETG, and PVC, offer a lighter and compliant alternative that are also impact, chemical and abrasion resistant. Among many of the common applications found within this industry, you can expect to see our material found in drivers licenses, residency permits, ID cards, passport data pages, green cards, key tags, vehicle registration cards, certificates, and diplomas.



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