Product Spotlight: Tedlar®

Product Spotlight: Tedlar®

If you’re going to invest in any plastic film products to support your company’s operations, it’s important to understand all the options available to you – Tedlar is a popular product for those in the transportation, appliance, and medical industries, among others. Understanding its basic properties and applications may help businesses in those fields make optimal use of the materials available to them. 

Basically, Tedlar is a type of fluoropolymer, which is a variety of plastic that is formed thanks to multiple carbon-fluorine bonds. This makes them incredibly durable, even when exposed to solvents, acids, bases, friction, and corrosion. Another name for Tedlar is PVF. However, there are a wide array of fluoropolymers to choose from. And many of them offer very similar properties and benefits. 

If you’re interested in using Tedlar film or simply learning more about this plastic and its uses in various industries, read on for a guide. 

Tedlar is a very unique material that offers a variety of protective qualities. While many plastic films excel in one area, Tedlar can offer multiple types of protection with one simple coating. 

First of all, Tedlar is a friction reducing material. Basically, this means that it allows materials to more easily slide off a surface. It also does not easily wear down when other materials rub against it. So it’s durable while also providing extreme protection for the material beneath it. 

PVF film also offers good chemical stability. This means that it holds up well when exposed to various materials that may otherwise break down the chemical structure of certain materials. Whether Tedlar is exposed to acids, bases, or solvents, it is able to maintain its original chemical makeup and stay intact. This makes it ideal for surfaces exposed to extreme environments or harsh cleaners regularly. 

One of the most notable qualities of Tedlar is its heat resistance. It doesn’t melt, break down, or catch on fire when exposed to flames or high heat. This allows it to provide essential protection to other materials that may provide a flame risk in certain environments. 

Tedlar also offers good corrosion resistance, meaning that it doesn’t generally rust or corrode when exposed to chemicals, moisture, or other materials. It can also protect metals and other materials that may otherwise be prone to corrosion. 

Applications of Tedlar®

Tedlar can be used in nearly any application where a material may require protection from heat, friction, or chemicals. One of the industries where it’s most common is transportation. It’s commonly added to automotive and aerospace interior parts to provide protection against flammability. 

It’s also commonly used in the production of photovoltaic panels. These provide solar energy to homes, businesses, and specific appliances or electronics. However, since they are responsible for converting the sun’s rays into usable electricity, they generally deal with plenty of heat. As such, Tedlar provides a protective material for module backsheets. 

These coatings provide a non-stick surface that is both safe and durable. Basically, the protective coating of film holds its chemical structure and doesn’t break down when exposed to heat. 

These are just a few of the common use cases for Tedlar. The material is also common in products like raincoats, metal sheeting, appliances, diagnostic strips, and medical devices. 

Benefits of Tedlar®

Because it is able to provide protection in a wide array of environments, Tedlar is known for being a highly versatile plastic film product. It can be used on products that need protection from flame or excessive heat, chemicals, or corrosion. Some companies may even be able to use this product in multiple applications, which can ultimately simplify procurement and other operations. 

Additionally, the material’s inert, non-stick properties make it an excellent release film, since it doesn’t need to permanently adhere to surfaces. It can even be used during the production of parts processed in high temperature or pressure environments. So it can be used both in end products and in production processes. 

Its durability also allows Tedlar to provide long-lasting finishes to items when necessary. So the material provides value to end users while also helping prevent companies from investing in new materials or repairing their existing equipment on a regular basis. Over time, this can lower costs and increase productivity and satisfaction. 

If your company could benefit from the durability and other properties of Tedlar, contact PolymerFilms find the right solution for your needs. We’re proud to offer PVF film and a variety of other fluoropolymers in a variety of gauges and sizes. We source products from industry leading manufacturers like DuPont, so you can feel confident about the quality and durability of your Tedlar coatings. In addition, our in-house conversion capabilities allow us to provide superior results with a multitude of film converting services. We work with customers in a huge array of industries, from medical device manufacturers to transportation companies. So our team has the knowledge and experience to help you find the film products most relevant to your needs. In addition, our five distribution centers spread throughout North America allow our team to provide personalized service, along with fast quotes and turnaround times. When you’re ready to discuss your Tedlar or PVF film needs, simply visit our website to request a free consultation. 

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