Tedlar® Film for the Medical and Transportation Industry


Both the medical field and transportation industry have strict requirements and regulations to ensure public safety. This means that companies in these industries must use extreme care and partner with trusted suppliers of products such as tedlar film to ensure compliance and serve their markets effectively.


More specifically, medical devices and packaging often face testing requirements from the FDA. And many are also tested by independent and internationally recognized organizations like UL. And transportation companies must meet DOT regulations for things like flammability and impact resistance when selecting materials. 


Tedlar film can be a powerful option in both of these fields. The material is known for its durability in a variety of conditions. So it’s incredibly versatile when used for either medical or transportation purposes. Here’s a guide to this material and its many important applications. 


Attributes and Advantages of Tedlar® Film 


Tedlar plastic film, sometimes called PVF, is a fluoropolymer. This means it is formed with carbon-fluorine bonds, which make it able to retain its structure even when exposed to hazards like solvents, corrosion, high heat, acids, and friction. Tedlar film is incredibly versatile, since the chemical makeup allows each fluoropolymer to exhibit different properties. However, there are some clear advantages to this entire group of materials, many of which are especially relevant within the medical and transportation fields. 


One of the qualities that Tedlar film is best known for is its chemical stability. Basically, it is resistant to breakdown even when exposed to potentially hazardous elements or chemicals. This provides a clear advantage, especially in applications where the film may be exposed to or in close contact with substances that might otherwise degrade or destroy other materials. 


Another major advantage of Tedlar film is its heat stability. This quality can be especially advantageous in certain high-use applications or any environment where the material is likely to be exposed to high heat on a regular basis. Some specific industries where this quality can be especially beneficial include aerospace, long-distance transportation, and heavy machinery. Basically, any application where components may rub against one another on an ongoing basis is likely to produce excessive heat from friction. Tedlar’s heat stability prevents the film from melting or changing its chemical structure at all, even when exposed to these higher temperatures over a prolonged basis. 


Overall, the result is a durable film that can be relied upon for a huge array of industrial and engineering applications. Though there are a wide array of applications that can benefit from this level of heat and chemical protection, they are especially relevant to companies in the medical and automotive fields. Here’s more about how each of these industries may benefit from the powerful attributes of Tedlar film. 


Attributes and Advantages of Tedlar Film in the Medical Industry


Materials used in the medical field need to be able to withstand constant exposure to cleaning products and sanitizing chemicals to maintain patient safety and reduce the spread of illness. Medical devices that are used on an ongoing basis like surgical instruments need to be sanitized between uses. And even disposable items like syringes generally need to be sanitized with chemicals, steam, or extreme heat before they’re used to kill any potential germs that they may have come into contact with during production.  


Since Tedlar film has such powerful stability, its chemical structure does not break down as easily as that of many other materials when exposed to solvents or sanitizing solutions that are commonly used by medical providers and manufacturers. For example, many producers of medical devices utilize vaporized hydrogen peroxide to kill germs on the surface of various medical devices. Some materials may change their chemical makeup or break down when exposed to this type of environment, but Tedlar film retains all of its qualities. 


When medical devices are not sterilized using chemical means, they often utilize high heat or steam. So the temperature stability of this material also tends to be helpful when it comes to maintaining patient safety. 


Attributes and Advantages of Tedlar Film in the Transportation Industry


In the transportation field, it’s important to utilize materials that can withstand friction, wear, and heat. Tedlar is actually a friction reducing material, meaning that it’s easier for multiple surfaces or materials to move against one another without resistance. This can allow certain automotive parts to work more efficiently, while also reducing heat and wear. Additionally, it does not easily wear down when exposed to other materials. So it is well suited for staying intact in various transportation applications.


The heat resistance of Tedlar film also comes in handy in the transportation field. When adjacent parts or materials do rub against one another and create friction, heat builds due to that energy. Over prolonged periods of time, the increase in temperature may cause weak materials to melt, break down, release toxic fumes, or even catch on fire. But Tedlar film retains its property and doesn’t create any of these hazards. 


Heat resistance is also essential for maintaining safety in vehicle interiors. This is especially important when dealing with public transit or aerospace applications. But even personal vehicles prioritize this feature to enhance driver and passenger safety. 


If you’re looking for a Tedlar film supplier for applications within the medical or transportation industries, contact PolymerFilms today. We carry a huge array of high-performance plastics in various grades, colors, finishes, and textures to suit nearly every potential application. Our local facilities provide personalized service and guidance, along with fast quotes and turnaround times. Visit our website to find your local facility and get started with your next Tedlar film project. 

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