Fall Fridays Series: Roll Into the Endzone 🏈

Fall Fridays Series

Roll Into the Endzone 🏈

American Football is argumentatively one of the best parts about the Fall season. Whether it’s the unbreakable bond you feel with strangers and fans alike, the competition high, or the sport itself, there’s nothing quite like the passion and thrill of football.
While the sport does begin and end during different seasons, it’s heavily considered a Fall sport seeing that the majority of the games occur during the season.
When it comes to performance plastic films, they’re just as present as a fan watching their favorite team at the Superbowl! Football touches all kinds of industries – and you can bet plastic film plays a big part. No, it isn’t always the QB, but if there’s anything we know from football, it’s that any player is a valuable player.

Food & Beverage Packaging

What’s a football game without a beer or wings?! One of the more common plastic films, PET, is very prevalent when it comes to the packaging that protects those wing trays and pre-packaged desserts.
When it comes to food & beverage labels, synthetic paper substrates, such as PPG TESLIN® label stock, are becoming a very popular choice due to their durability, printing convenience, shelf appeal, and tamper-evident security features.

Jersey / Gear

The jersey that your favorite player and/or team wears has an emblem at the bottom of the neckline and, if you’ve ever felt it, you’d know right away that it’s plastic! Polycarbonate film, specifically speaking. The jersey itself is made of 100% polyester. While this isn’t necessarily considered to be “plastic film”, it is another example of how performance plastics dominate the world of Football.
We all know that football players wear helmets for protection. But what everyone doesn’t know is that the stickers seen on these headpieces are made up of (you guessed it!) flexible PVC or polyurethane plastic films. Additionally, the visors attached to the players’ helmets utilize either polycarbonate or acetal plastic film substrate.

Large Format Displays

There’s a saying that there really is no bad seat in a football arena. Whether you believe this to be true or not, it’s easy to see that jumbotrons definitely make it easier to watch the game, even in the nosebleed seats. Over the years, these massive screens have displayed countless games, advertisements, and even concerts in all kinds of stadiums and arenas.
So, how does plastic film tie into all of it? Large format displays (like the jumbotron) typically depend on hard-coated polycarbonate material for the LCD monitors. Plastic substrates are preferred for these applications simply because they are easier to install, clean, and replace; they’ve also got anti-fading capabilities and are better at protecting screen edges.

Stadium Seating

While the seats themselves are made up of HDPE or PVC plastic sheet material, the numbering on the seats utilize plastic films or aluminum with a plastic film adhesive backing. Unlike paint, the plastic ensures less fading and/or peeling, which means less maintenance is required.

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