Plastic Film – The Process

Plastic Film – The Process

Working with a plastic films distributor can give you access to a huge array of quality plastic solutions. Whether you need film materials for printed electronics, protective packaging solutions, or even materials for ID badges, plastic films provide plenty of strength and durability for a huge array of projects. 

You don’t necessarily need to understand the plastic film fabrication process in order to enjoy the amazing benefits of these materials and solutions. However, if you want to learn more about how these films are produced and then manipulated to create finished products, it may help you fully customize orders and find the exact solutions that best fit your individual needs. 

The plastic film fabrication process can vary a bit depending on the exact type of film being produced and for what purpose. But here’s a basic rundown of the steps involved. 

The Plastic Film Manufacturing Process

The general process of plastic film manufacturing usually starts with melting down small plastic pieces of plastic resin. These can be made of various plastics, from PET to polypropylene. The exact materials depend on the needs of the customer or project. Some plastics are stronger than others. Some provide a thinner film. And some even offer different finishes or appearance qualities. Regardless of the exact material chosen, this part of the process is what allows the plastic to become molten and pliable. So it can then easily be added into molds or shaped into specific forms.

Once the plastic resin has been melted, the material is then pushed through a frame or die, which allows it to create a continuous tube of plastic. That material is then inflated with air so that the plastic spreads out and becomes thinner. This process and the speed at which the material is pulled is what allows manufacturers to produce plastic to the exact thickness and diameter needed for a particular project. From there, the material is allowed to cool before being flattened fully. This creates the raw plastic film that is the starting point for each project. 

The Plastic Film Conversion Process

The plastic film needs of companies vary widely across industries and specific projects. Some may require large sheets of film for release liner. Others need smaller cuts for print graphics. For this reason, plastic films distributors need to be able to convert a diverse selection of raw film materials to the exact specifications of each customer. 

Plastic film customization isn’t just about choosing a specific type of material. There are also a variety of different film conversion options available to achieve a variety of end goals. For example, some may need thin rolls of plastic film. Others may need a few different types of material included in one package. And some may need plastics that display tons of strength and durability. 

There are a large array of conversion processes used to achieve these specific goals. For instance, annealing involves heating plastics and letting them cool slightly in order to provide tons of strength. Guillotining involves creating very precise cuts in plastic film. Kitting and packaging can include putting multiple pieces of material into one package. Laminating adds extra layers of material around a piece of film. Sheeting includes laying the material out in a large, flat sheet. Slitting includes making cuts in large rolls to create narrower rolls. And tolling involves collecting scrap plastics and using them to create new film material. 

Plastic Films Distributor

From there, a plastic films distributor can finish each product and send them out to customers as needed. This may not seem like it has much to do with the actual production process. But choosing the right plastic films distributor can help you get the exact customizations you need and receive quality films in a timely manner. 

Specifically, when looking for a plastic films distributor, you may want to look for a provider that has decades of experience providing quality film products. It’s important that they have knowledge about your industry so they can offer materials and conversion capabilities that are relevant to your needs. But focusing only on one specific niche is not a must. In fact, if a provider that covers a variety of specialties, this may help them better develop innovative solutions that are well equipped to solve the challenges your company faces.

Additionally, it’s important to prioritize finding a plastic films distributor that provides fast quotes and turnaround times for orders. A provider that has an expansive presence and multiple distribution centers that are spread throughout various parts of the country can allow them to ship products quickly and provide personal service to each of their customers. Additionally, this type of model means such a company is likely to have a location near your business. So the shipping process should be quick and seamless. 

If you’re looking for a plastics film distributor that can get you quality materials quickly and provide excellent service, contact PolymerFilms today. We offer a huge array of plastic film materials in a variety of gauges and sizes. We also have the ability to complete a variety of in-house conversion techniques, which allows us to deliver finished products that meet each client’s exact specifications. Additionally, we have five distribution centers throughout North America, which means clients can enjoy fast turnaround times on quotes and orders, while also receiving personalized service. Our solutions are perfect for companies that produce retail displays, food and beverage containers, printed electronics, and even ID cards. If you’re ready to work with a plastic films distributor or learn more about our plastic film fabrication process, just visit our website to request a free consultation today.

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