How Plastic Film Companies Keep You Competitive

Plastic film companies provide important materials that have made an impact on a wide array of industries. It can be used in printed electronics, transportation, security and ID cards, medical testing kits, print & graphics, retail displays, packaging, and so much more. 


However, not all plastic film companies provide the same level of quality when it comes to their inventory and customer service. If you choose the right provider that meets all of your company’s unique needs, it could end up being a competitive advantage for your brand. So how do you know what to look for in a distributor? 


If your company’s operations rely on plastic film for anything from food and beverage containers to graphic elements, here are some important considerations to make when looking at plastic film companies. 


Delivery Speed


When you need to order plastic film for your company’s products, services, or other operational needs, you need those items to arrive quickly and reliably. Fast shipping can make the difference between meeting your company’s deadlines and falling behind the competition.


So how can you tell if a company will be able to provide fast and efficient service? Start by looking for plastic film companies with distribution centers spread throughout the U.S. This usually means that a provider only works with clients from that region, so there’s less competition for their time. And they have the resources and staff to put your order at the top of their list of priorities. It also means that they’re more likely to be geographically nearby, so shipping takes less time and leaves less room for issues to arise. 


Companies with distribution centers in different regions are also known for providing quality service. Just make sure that those locations are outfitted with quality conversion equipment and enough inventory to meet your needs. And of course, check or ask about their order turnaround times. 


Robust Inventory


You should also look for plastic film companies that offer a wide array of products and solutions. Even if your first order only requires one or two specific materials, there’s a good chance that you’ll need other types of products at some point in the future. Specifically, look for common plastic film options like polycarbonate, PET, PVC, synthetics, and adhesives. 


Working with a leading provider that offers multiple brands and types of film means getting access to all those options from one provider. Your team can save time and energy by avoiding the need to constantly search for specialty providers that have the film products you need for each specific project. You already know you can find the items you need from a provider you already trust. 


Additionally, access to a robust inventory means a provider is likely to help you find the items that are actually the best fit for your needs. They won’t try to pressure you into purchasing one specific item because it’s the only one they offer. If they carry a variety of items, then you get access to more options from the company that you’ve already chosen to deliver quality products and services. 


Industry Knowledge


Finally, look for plastic film companies that have experience working with companies in your industry and beyond. When a provider has experience working with companies like yours, they’re more likely to have the products and materials that are relevant and suitable for use in your specific applications. 


This type of provider is also more likely to understand the needs of companies like yours. So they can provide insights and guidance that are tailored to the needs of your operations. They could make product recommendations or simply provide customizations that make materials even more perfect for your specific applications. If you have questions, you can trust that their answers come from a knowledgeable place rather than from someone simply trying to close a sale quickly. 


However, it is also often beneficial to work with a provider that has experience providing products and materials to other industries as well. The plastics industry is constantly evolving with new innovations. So as new materials begin to find their way into new industries, there may be unique options and capabilities that impact your company as well. Of course, don’t look for companies that only specialize in other industries. But if they work within your general niche and provide plastic film to others as well, that can be an ideal combination. With this varied perspective, quality plastic film companies can help to guide your company toward new and innovative solutions that make your materials even more perfectly suited to your needs. And if they suggest options that others in your industry have yet to take advantage of, that could end up being a major competitive advantage indeed. 


If you’re ready to improve your competitive advantage with help from an experienced plastic film company, look no further than PolymerFilms. The dedicated plastic film division of Polymershapes, which has been distributing cutting-edge plastics for more than 70 years, PolymerFilms works with the industry leading manufacturers and suppliers of plastic film products. As such, we offer a one-stop shop for all your plastic film needs. We serve clients in markets ranging from medical to transportation to print. We also provide a full suite of cutting and converting capabilities to completely customize film materials to your exact specs. And our five distribution centers across the United States, Canada and Mexico ensure that you get your orders quickly. Visit our website to request a quote today. 

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