Product Highlight Series: nanoDefense™


During these times of uncertainty, maintaining a clean and safe environment is as important as ever. PolymerFilms now offers a solution that can bring you peace of mind when it comes to making contact with high traffic areas.
nanoDefense™  is a self cleaning surface film, that is able to repel and/or destroy any contaminants left on the surface. Quickly and easily add a layer of protection to high contact surfaces like door handles, kiosks, commercial touchscreens, elevators, and more.

How does it work?

nanoDefense uses a proprietary coating technology that uses the natural process of photocatalysis in the presence of light. This technology is what allows it to be a self cleaning surface product and is activated by the presence of light, meaning it’s always working!
This self cleaning film is applied to a plastic film substrate with an adhesive backing, allowing it to be applied to and prevent the growth and spread of organic contaminants on the many common touch points we face every day.


Benefits of nanoDefense


  • Reduces use of harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Reduces maintenance cycles
  • Fights off 99% of ALL germs and contaminants, including the novel Coronavirus


Common Applications


  • Doors
  • Elevator buttons
  • Restrooms
  • Touchscreen kiosks
  • Self-service items
  • Mass transit


Common Markets


  • Schools
  • Hospotals
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Public Transportation
  • Office
  • Shopping Centers
  • Grocery & Retail
  • Warehouse / Industrial


nanoDefense™ Overview

Interested in purchasing or learning more about nanoDefense™ self cleaning surface films? Contact your local PolymerFilms team today! As a  film distributor, PolymerFilms has friendly customer service representatives that can’t wait to answer your questions and help you customize solutions that fit your specific needs.
Did you know that PolymerFilms offers an array of converting services? Our state of the art facilities save you time and money by allowing us to custom cut to size orders and are dedicated to providing you best-in-class customer service and convenience.
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