Product Spotlight: Melinex (PET)

Melinex is a popular type of polyester PET film from DuPont Teijin Films. It is known for its optical, physical, and chemical properties. And it can be used in a wide array of industries and products. 

More specifically, Melinex PET is a thermoplastic polymer that can be amorphous, crystalline, or even a mixture between the two. The material usually comes with a clear coat and glossy finish. However, the surface can also be modified to match specific textures, from smooth to very rough. For example, you can get specific products made with matte or hazy finishes if needed. 

Melinex can be perfect for use in the food and beverage, packaging, and ID card industries, among others. If you’re looking to make use of this versatile product or learn more about its capabilities, read on for a guide. 

Attributes and Applications

Melinex PET films offer superb optical clarity. This makes the material ideal for use in any applications where a clear coat is needed to improve visibility while still offering a thin layer of protection. For example, it’s perfect for use over ID cards and security badges to improve the durability of these items while still making it easy for users to see photos and information and even scan codes. 

Melinex also offers heat stabilization capabilities, meaning it works well in environments where it may be exposed to temperature fluctuations. It doesn’t shrink or lose its form if placed next to items that add significant heat. This makes it applicable for use around wiring and electronics that require coatings or films to serve as a base or membrane layer. 

Melinex film provides anti-fog and anti-glare properties. In other words, the finish and texture you choose is the one you end up with, no matter what type of environment or changes the material is exposed to. If it’s especially sunny, the material should still view and photograph well. And if it’s cold or if the temperature changes dramatically, it shouldn’t fog or get extra hazy. This makes it ideal as the film covering for displays or imaging media. 

The material can also be applied with chemical treatments that may improve adhesions to different coatings, inks, or adhesives. This simply makes the film even more versatile. If it needs to be adhered to another surface or printed on as part of a display, it can easily accommodate those additional materials. 

Use Cases

There are many common uses for Melinex PET film. These include face shields, medical devices, driver’s licenses, capacitors, wires and cables, industrial imaging, and so many more. Here are a few of the most common use cases in more detail. 

Melinex PET film is approved for use in pretty much all types of packaging. It is even available in grades that are compliant with FDA and USDA food safety regulations. So it can safely hold food and beverages. When used in other types of packaging, it’s ideal because it can clearly show the product inside and doesn’t shrink or puncture easily. 

The material is also ideal for use in various types of imaging media. Since it offers superior optical clarity and durability, it can easily provide a simple clear coat over displays. However, it can also accommodate ink and other finishes for those who have custom additions to make to their imaging media. 

Finally, Melinex PET film is often used as part of circuits and printed electronics. Since it is a heat stable material, it holds its form when exposed to wiring and other components that may conduct heat. It is also strong and durable enough to hold up in these materials for long periods of time. 


Aside from the attributes listed above, Melinex PET stands out because of its versatility. It comes in a huge array of finishes, from glossy to hazy. And you can even select specific textures and adhesion methods to make it fit with specific projects.  

Visually, this means that Melinex can easily give users the specific look they’re going for. It can be clear and unnoticeable or made to a specific finish or texture. However, it also provides excellent durability to keep various items safe and in quality working condition, from ID cards to electronic components. 

Differences From Other Materials

One of the things that Melinex PET film is known for is its excellent mechanical strength. It holds up well over time and is resistant to damage from friction and punctures. This makes it perfect for applications that need to stay in use for long periods of time or any items that may be exposed to harsh or changing environments. 

The material also offers good flatness. So for those applications that just need a very simple layer of film covering a display or packaged item, Melinex provides a strong yet unassuming presence. This also makes it very space efficient. 

It’s also inert to many chemical agents, so it can be cleaned or exposed to different adhesives or finishes without changing its form. This is part of what makes it so versatile for displays and electronic applications. But it also adds to the durability factor of this incredible material.  

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