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Extreme care is necessary when manufacturing products or materials for use in the medical industry. There are strict regulations in place to protect consumers’ health and safety. And companies need to use the highest quality materials available, such as medical polycarbonate film, to provide value to the public and gain a competitive advantage in this ever-changing field. 


Plastic film is vital to the medical industry in many areas. It is often used in the production of medical devices and can even be used in packaging and protective covers for various supplies. But not just any film or material will do when dealing with items that can impact public health and safety. That’s why a thorough understanding of medical grade film is such a necessity. 


Medical polycarbonate film and various other materials like ABS, PVC, and fluoropolymers can be produced and tested to ensure they meet the high standards of this industry. Here’s a guide to medical grade film and its many benefits for medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients. 


The Benefits for Products of Medical Grade Film


The exact qualities and testing standards for medical grade film vary depending on the specific application. Some require materials that are able to withstand high heat or chemical sterilization. Others must provide complete sealing properties to house fluids or medications. And some even require extreme impact strength and durability for daily use. It’s important to work with a supplier who understands the specific needs of the medical industry and any relevant regulations your company must meet. They can point you to the most relevant materials and specific product grades, gauges, and customization options to suit your needs. 


Medical grade film can benefit a huge array of applications within the industry. And various films provide advantages over others depending on the specific needs of each company and their customers. Here are a few examples of products that can utilize various types of medical grade film. 


When choosing materials for sterile medical packaging, you need a film that is sterile and provides a tight barrier. Tyvek is a popular option for this type of application since it is versatile and easy to peel and customize. It’s also compatible with an array of sterilization methods, including radiation, steam, ethylene oxide, and low-temperature oxidation.


If you produce medical devices that are just used one time, it’s important to find an economical option that is still safe. For these reasons, PVC is frequently used for disposable medical products like thermometer tips and tongue depressor covers. It’s easy to recycle. So it reduces waste without compromising safety or increasing infection risk.


For medical applications that require durability, ABS is a popular choice due to its impact strength and friction resistance. This material can be used in the production of reusable devices like insulin pens and inhalers. And it can even make for strong packaging solutions.


To make the most of all these different options, suppliers of film for hospitals and medical facilities should carefully review material considerations before choosing. The options can sometimes seem overwhelming. So it’s important to understand all the options that are available, along with the various density levels, styles, shapes, and customizations that can make specific film products suit your needs.


Benefits of Medical Polycarbonate Film in Healthcare Applications 


Polycarbonate is a powerful option within the world of medical grade film. Known for its optical clarity and impact resistance, medical polycarbonate film offers tons of advantages within this industry. So this material warrants its own discussion surrounding benefits for medical device manufacturers and production companies. 


Medical polycarbonate film offers tons of benefits within the industry because of its long history of thorough testing and usage for various applications. In fact, the material has a proven track record of safety for more than 50 years. So providers generally feel confident using devices and solutions made with this material. 


The two most powerful advantages of medical polycarbonate film include extreme impact strength and visual clarity. And these qualities are often essential within the medical field, since tools cannot break during medical processes and visual clarity can provide optimal safety for components like packaging and items that distribute medication. For example, providers often use polycarbonate film in vessels that deliver fluids to patients to prevent ruptures and give a clear view at how much is left. 


In addition to these powerful qualities, polycarbonate also exhibits excellent dimensional stability. So it retains its properties when exposed to a wide array of conditions, an essential element of any materials used in medical applications. 


Whether you use medical polycarbonate film or other materials like ABS and PVC, you need a supplier with a vast inventory of medical grade film and specialized knowledge of the needs within the industry. PolymerFilms offers products that are FDA and/or USP Class VI compliant to meet strict health and safety requirements. Our medical grade film inventory includes high grade materials like medical polycarbonate film, HDPE, LDPE, UHMW, PETG, and Polypropylene. This selection allows us to provide necessary materials for an array of medical purposes, including packaging, face shields, orthopedic parts, and diagnostic strips. 


Beyond this, medical grade polycarbonate film is Pinhole resistant and it can be sterilized by Gamma radiation, E-Beam radiation, Autoclave and Ethylene Oxide.


We also employ an expert team who can consult with medical companies to provide knowledgeable recommendations for plastic film selection and customization options. In fact, our local facilities provide a competitive advantage to those in the medical device industry because of our quality selection, personalized service, and fast quotes and turnaround times. Visit our website to find your local facility and discuss the best medical grade film options for your needs today.

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