MacDermid Enthone Autotex & Autoflex Hardcoated Polyester Films

MacDermid Enthone Autotex & Autoflex Hardcoated Polyester Films

PolymerFilms is a full-service distributor of MacDermid hardcoated PET films, including the respected Autotex and Autoflex lines, for both Canada and Mexico. The unique and proprietary hardcoating technology of MacDermid’s films offer an exceptional combination of durability and flexibility along with a range of stunning touch and optical properties. These properties make the Autotex and Autoflex range the ideal solution to a problem found in many applications; that of presenting rich and true graphics and digital displays yet protecting them from everyday touch and cleaning.
The MacDermid films are well known in the global membrane touch switch (MTS) industry for their graphics, high abrasion and chemical resistance, clear windows and switch life in excess of 5 million actuations.
Additional applications include durable graphics, signage, counter tops, touch screens, and appliance control panels in the consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive industries.


Facts about MacDermid Films

Since 1868, MacDermid has embraced leading edge chemical and manufacturing technology to support its customers with innovative, high-quality products.
Today, the Autotex and Autoflex lines of hardcoated polyester films products are durable and flexible, and offer an aesthetically pleasing solution for industrial functional controls, displays, membrane touch switches, labels, and surface coverings.  Autotex films are primed ready for screen printing or digital printing on the second surface and they are available in several styles and finishes.
The high-performance films are extremely resistant to wear, scratches and chemicals, and they offer superior tactile feedback. They feature a wide array of textured finishes of different gauges, made through MacDermid proprietary coating process. 

Autotex Applications and Options

In addition to surface coating and for functional controls for industrial use, the Autotex polyester products are used  in many applications, including:

  • Membrane touch switches
  • Electronic displays
  • Touch screens for various devices 
  • Long-lasting, durable labels
  • Graphics overlays

Autotex is available in 5 different surface finishes 
1. Autotex V
Featuring a velvet finish and coarse texture, it offers a consistent surface finish.
Available gauges are 150µ, 200µ, and 280µ.
2. Autotex F
With a fine textured finish, Autotex F features high light transmission and outstanding windowing capabilities with the Windotex lacquer.
Available gauges are 150µ, 200µ, and 280µ.
3. Autotex Steel
The brushed, hard-coat polyester is ideal for recreating the appearance of stainless-steel surfaces.
Available gauges are 150µ and 200µ.
4. Autotex Touch
Silky smooth texture gives consistent finger glide to operate gesture-driven interfaces. Anti-fingerprint surface. Windotex compatible create ultra-clear windows.
Available gauges are 150µ, 200µ, and 280µ.
5. Autotex Softouch
Featuring a matte surface, this option offers a soft-film texture.
Available gauges are 150µ and 200µ.

Autoflex Applications and Options

Autoflex has enhanced optical and clarity characteristics ideal for embossed touch screen and electronic displays. 
Autoflex polyester products can be found in many other applications, including:

  • Membrane touch switches
  • Long-lasting, durable labels
  • Graphics overlays

Autoflex is available in two finishes a high gloss finish (EBG) and antiglare finish (EBA). The aesthetically pleasing polyester films feature an outstanding clear base polyester and an embossable, texturable, chemically bonded UV-cured hard surface coating. 
Autoflex EB has an ink adhesion primer on the second surface. It can be screen printed on the hard-coat surface with Fototex lacquers in order to provide areas of selective textures.
The products feature outstanding visual clarity, switch life of more than 5 million actuations while maintaining pencil hardness of 2 – 3H. They are also highly resistant to alcohols, esters, hydrocarbons, household cleaning agents, and dilute acids and alkalis.
Another common use is for the creation of identification cards. The materials allow information and photos on the cards to remain visible while providing durability and an attractive appearance.
Autoflex is also a smart choice for electronic printing, face shields, medical devices and durable labels.

Reliable Plastic Solutions with PolymerFilms

If you’re looking for a plastic film distributor that can provide all of these benefits, look no further than PolymerFilms. Our organization is exclusively a plastic film distributor that serves clients in a wide array of industries, from medical devices and printed electronics to sign and display applications.
Our large inventory allows us to provide solutions that cater to our clients’ specific needs, and our knowledgeable team is always happy to provide guidance and expertise. We  provide in-house conversion which allows us to convert custom size film products to suit the specific needs of each application.
MacDermid products are only available in Canadian and Mexican PolymerFilm distribution/conversion  centers to ensure fast quotes and turnaround times, along with friendly and personalized service.  Visit our website to request a free consultation and see what a difference a quality plastic film distributor can make.

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