Product Highlight Series: LEXAN™ HP92AF Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Film

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With the demand for high quality PPE safety equipment continuously on the rise these days, SABIC, introduces LEXAN™ HP92AF anti-fog film. LEXAN HP92AF material is a polycarbonate film that is coated on one side with low moisture absorption in high humid environments, allowing the material to sustain its optical clarity. It also offers anti-fog capabilities and abrasion & impact resistance, making it the preferred choice for goggles, lenses, visors, and PPE face protection. This LEXAN film is best for use in applications where sudden temperature changes are likely to occur. LEXAN HP92AF film comes with cling masking on the un-coated side and stick masking on the coated side.

Common Applications


  • PPE clear face shields
  • Motorcycle visors
  • Safety goggles
  • Ski goggles
  • Automotive cluster lenses
  • Medical instrument lenses & displays
  • Industrial lenses 


Benefits of LEXAN HP92AF


  • Anti-fog
    • Sustains optical clarity without flashover (fogging)
  • Chemical resistance
    • Withstands repeated cleaning
  •  High impact strength
    • Abrasion resistant and virtually unbreakable
  • Excellent optical clarity
    • Light transmission >88%
  • Thermal stability
    • Against varying temperature conditions
  • Printable
    • Customization features for design and aesthetics



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