LEXAN™ Film Distributors: Demand is Higher Than Ever

LEXAN™ Film Distributors: Demand is Higher Than Ever


Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has eased up somewhat in North America, the demand for LEXAN™ film distributors remains higher than ever.


From using it to cover frequently touched items that must be regularly sanitized to developing passports for the recent increase in travel, LEXAN film is used for many additional purposes today.


Why Current Demand for LEXAN Film Distributors Is So High


LEXAN is the trademarked brand of polycarbonate from SABIC™. It consists of amorphous thermoplastic polymers. In general, LEXAN plastics offer exceptional durability and pliability, all while being significantly stronger than glass and other forms of plastic. 


LEXAN films are extremely resistant to acids and various other chemicals, and they are highly versatile due to the material’s thermoformability and heat sealability. LEXAN plastic also offers incredibly high puncture resistance, making it virtually unbreakable even when exposed to sharp objects. It also features great light transmittance and visual clarity.


The following factors (and more) make the demand for LEXAN films and LEXAN film distributors exceedingly high, especially in today’s era.




With more people traveling now that quarantines have been lifted, the need for passports, ID cards, and similar documents is high. Because LEXAN can protect these important documents from damage, this is among the most common uses of LEXAN films. The material also maintains its shape over time, making it ideal for passports and ID cards that must hold up for several years.


Retail Establishments


Our LEXAN film distributors remain in high demand due to the need for solutions that provide continued protection against COVID-19. Because LEXAN films are highly resistant to acids, it makes them ideal for surfaces that must be sanitized on a regular basis, such as communications equipment and point-of-sale devices at checkout counters. 


Food & Beverage Processing and Packaging


During the pandemic, the food and beverage industry has been required to enhance its packaging to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. LEXAN films can be used for a multitude of purposes within this industry, such as for face shields to protect workers while allowing them to see clearly.


Printed Electronics


The need for electronic devices such as cellphones has never been greater now that more people are working remotely and may continue to do so indefinitely. Our LEXAN film distributors are in higher demand today in order to provide manufacturers with the plastics they need for computers, tablets, cellphones, and other electronic devices.




Signage explaining policies related to COVID-19 specifically were new to the industry when the pandemic began. Today, these signs can be found indoors and outdoors throughout various businesses, schools, churches, financial institutions, and recreational facilities. The strength, weather resistance, durability, and versatility of LEXAN plastic films make them a popular choice for such signage. Polycarbonate films are also designed to be transparent, so they can be laid over devices and signs while keeping the text or images clearly visible.


Medical Industry


Clearly, the medical industry has been drastically affected by the pandemic. Plastic films and other forms of plastic were in high demand within this industry for many purposes, such as for face shields, COVID-19 testing equipment and signage, vaccine distribution, partitions within medical facilities, and plastic film overlays for frequently touched equipment.



The Need for an Experienced LEXAN Distributor is Higher than Ever


With the increased demand for LEXAN films comes the need for experienced LEXAN film distributors.  Experience is a significant factor in obtaining the ideal plastic films for your needs. It will make a difference in the quality of the product and efficiency of distribution, as well as the effectiveness of innovative, customizable solutions to meet your specific needs.


Reliable Solutions from Your Local Plastic Film Distributor


If you’re looking for a plastic film distributor that can provide all of these benefits, look no further than PolymerFilms. Our organization is exclusively a plastic film distributor that serves clients in a wide array of industries, from medical devices and printed electronics to sign and display applications. Our large inventory allows us to provide solutions that cater to our clients’ specific needs, and our knowledgeable team is always happy to provide guidance and expertise. We even have access to in-house conversion equipment, which allows us to convert film products to suit the specific needs of each application. Our five distribution centers are spread throughout North America to ensure fast quotes and turnaround times, along with friendly and personalized service. Visit our website to request a free consultation and see what type of difference a quality plastic film manufacturer can make.


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