Competitive Advantage: Customizability for Your Project or Program


Plastic films offer tons of practical and aesthetic benefits for a wide array of industries. But most users cannot fully enjoy the many uses of these materials if they only have access to stock sizes, grades, and finishes. 


Luckily, there are plenty of customization options available to make it easier for businesses and organizations to quickly and efficiently employ these solutions. Here’s a rundown of some customization options that apply to the plastic films industry and a few specific use cases that explore how and when these options can provide extra value. 


Attributes of Customizable Plastic Films


Customizability for your project or program starts with cutting plastic film rolls to your exact size needs. Some projects require large sheets of film for release liner applications. Others need smaller cuts to fit with things like print graphics. So look for a plastic film distributor that has access to a wide array of conversion services to suit your various applications. 


For example, guillotining involves cutting large sheets of film to precise dimensions. It is easy to duplicate the process with multiple sheets. So it’s often employed when customizing plastic films in bulk. Slitting is another cutting option. Basically, a small slit is cut into a roll of film to shorten just the length of the material. This is ideal for those that use plastic films in their own facilities on a recurring basis, but where the standard film size is a bit too large. With these services, tolling can also be beneficial for reusing the scraps that are removed with each cut. 

But size isn’t the only element that can be customized when it comes to plastic film products. Techniques like annealing can also alter the physical and chemical properties of plastics to help them suit various applications. With this technique, heat is applied to plastic films to reduce the hardness and make it more malleable. This is often useful in applications where the material needs to carefully form over a surface that isn’t flat or smooth. Laminating may also benefit users that need their plastic films to cover other surfaces and don’t want to complete this process with their own team and equipment. 


In addition to these customization services, many plastic films also come in an array of gauges, colors, and finishes. So you can start by choosing the exact thickness needed for your project or program. For example, films used to cover displays or graphics may require a thinner plastic film than those that go over photovoltaic panels that need protection from weather and outdoor threats.Then, aesthetically, some applications require clear, glossy films, while others may need opaque or translucent options. You can also select matte finishes and a variety of colors and shades to suit preferences or stylistic project requirements. 

From there, many users may also benefit from finishing services like kitting and packaging. Once the material is cut and formed to size, your supplier may assemble it with other products or materials to ensure that it’s ready to go for end users. 


Applications for Customizable Plastic Films


There are so many different industries that can benefit from customizability with their plastic film services. Some prominent industries include those that produce printed electronics, appliances, photovoltaic panels, and retail displays. Here are a few specific examples of how customizability for your project can improve the plastic film experience within various industries. 


Packaging is one of the most prominent uses for a wide array of plastic films. These materials offer flexible and clear solutions that are also strong enough to protect valuable items and even prevent contamination in food or medical products. Customizability for your project comes into the equation when you consider the different size and material options that are needed to house and protect different types of products. Even within a single company, it’s likely that multiple packaging options are needed for different product lines. So the ability to select specific gauges, choose between sturdy and flexible materials, and cut and form plastics to your specific needs can be invaluable. 

Secure ID cards offer a fairly straightforward purpose for plastic film materials. But even these seemingly basic items are likely to require some customizations. For example, producers can save significant time and money by having rolls cut to the exact length of the cards being made. Then lamination service can also simplify the process by ensuring the film is secure over the cards in question. 

Industrial films cover a huge array of functions and needs for manufacturing, machining, and warehousing centers. For example, many of these companies use plastic films as protective coverings over specific machinery parts that may be prone to excessive wear. In these instances, strong, durable plastics go a long way toward lengthening equipment lifespan and reducing the need for expensive repairs. But it’s important to get plastics that actually fit over the parts in question. So the ability to cut materials to size and sometimes even form them into specific shapes is likely of interest to many in these industrial sectors. 



In order to take advantage of all the benefits of customizability for your project, you need a supplier that has access to quality cutting and conversion equipment, along with an extensive inventory of materials in various grades and finishes. PolymerFilms provides all these benefits and more. We also employ a knowledgeable team that is available to provide friendly and personalized guidance for customization options and material selection. To get started customizing your plastic film materials, visit our website to contact your local branch.


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