Product Highlight Series: reflex™ Hardcoated PET


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A little about reflex™ Hardcoated PET film

reflex™ polyester film is the best hardcoated  PET film choice that offers world-class performance and functionality for a wide range of solutions.
reflex™ Hardcoated PET films, supplied by  TC Transcontinental, are produced in clean room facilities that are ISO Class 7 certified. reflex™ films feature TC Transcontinental’s rugged gloss or textured hardcoat formulation on one side of a base film (optical clarity grade) and a print-receptive coating on the second side; these films are of highly stabilized polyester material. reflex™ is known to have optimal performance characteristics in hardness, embossability, chemical resistance, and extensive switch life while maintaining its ability to be die cut. 
The reflex™ brand offers core products that provide different solutions for the best outcomes when it comes to challenging applications. Two of these products include reflex™ CE Gloss Hardcoated PET film and reflex™ LT Digital Hardcoated film.

reflex™ CE Gloss Hardcoated PET

Clear hardcoated gloss film with a print-receptive coating compatible with solvent and UV screen print inks. These coated in IOS 7 clean rooms.
CE Gloss characteristics include exceptional quality in clarity and resistance to solvents, scratching, and scuffs.
Common applications include: high-end electronic displays and HMI applications with large window displays.

reflex™LT Digital Hardcoated

Textured film that provides antimicrobial functionality and features a print-receptive coating. 
LT Digital delivers incredible adhesion characteristics that are compatible with a wide selection of UV inkjet digital printing platforms, as well as solvent, and UV screen print inks.
Common applications include: touch panels used in hygienic settings where bacteria and mold must be kept at a minimum.

Benefits of reflex™ 


  • High quality 
  • Highly stabilized
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Scratch and scuff resistant*
  • Extensive switch life
  • Good embossability
  • Antimicrobial functionality*
  • Incredible adhesion
  • UV inkjet compatible 

*characteristic is specific to product of reflex™

Common Applications


  • Membrane switchboards
  • HMI
  • Electronic displays
  • Graphics overlays


Common Markets


  • Graphics / Print
  • Printed Electronics
  • Industrial Films


reflex™ Hardcoated PET Overview

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