(Pumpkin) Spicin’ Things Up With Plastic Films ☕🍂​

Fall Fridays Series

(Pumpkin) Spicin’ Things Up With Plastic Films ☕

With Fall comes the ever-so-famous Pumpkin Spice Reign. When you look up “Autumn” in the dictionary, pumpkin spice might as well be a synonym seeing that people have referred to September – December as “Pumpkin Spice Season.” These days, Fall ceases to exist until everything is pumpkin spice… and we mean everything. We’re talking candles, candies, baked goods, air fresheners, body products, pet treats, and more!

Pumpkin Spice and everything nice!

The most notorious product that has been taken over by the pumpkin spice fandom is the PSL: the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Starbucks Corporation (aka Starbucks) founded the PSL in 2003. People already crave coffee, so when you add ingredients to an already beloved drink to make it even more delicious, naturally, it’s going to do well. Back in the good ‘ole days of 2003, pumpkins were used for pies and jack o’ lanterns and that’s about it. However, when Starbucks changed its PSL recipe in 2015, it soon became a must-have flavor/scent and a very very trendy hashtag.
According to CNBC, the #PSL is Starbucks’ most popular seasonal drink, making up almost 25% of its annual revenue (~$100 million)! That’s hundreds of millions of PSLs (and variations) being drunk every year. Starbucks already recognized the issues developing from its single-use plastics and disposable paper cups – the surge in PSL sales only made these matters worse. Luckily, Starbucks is a corporation that was already 10 steps ahead in incentivizing customers to be more eco-friendly by the time the first sip of the PSL was taken.

We love Performance Plastics a latte!

Starbucks first introduced its green initiatives in 1985, offering a 10¢ reusable cup discount. In 2008, it introduced a new polypropylene plastic cup that used 15% less plastic. 2013 rolled out the first major appearance for performance plastic films within the company: $1 brand labeled polypropylene reusable cups that customers could purchase to help reduce waste.
The idea of turning paper into plastic seems a little dubious, but when broken down, the process actually makes a lot of sense!

  • Starbucks collects millions of used paper coffee cups in their stores
  • Big bundles of these cups are taken to be industrially cleaned and shredded down, making them more stury and reusable
  • The recycled cups are blended with plastic to form a strong resin that is used on the cups’ outer layer
  • This fully recycled material is molded back into cup form
  • The recycled and reusable cups are sold in Starbucks stores worldwide

Starbucks isn’t the only name-brand coffee out there, and it certainly isn’t the only coffee brand promoting a greener lifestyle. Many are recycling materials, asking customers to bring their own mugs, and even relying on solar energy.
Performance plastics are important for reasons just like these. They offer a sustainable and safe solution that is both economical and eco-friendly. Plastic films play a major role in performance plastics as there are many applications that require a thinner material that can stand the test of time.
We love Pumpkin Spice as much as the next person, but we love it, even more, when we see performance plastic films doing their job. Whether it’s a polypropylene reusable cup or a vinyl used to advertise that it’s officially pumpkin spice season! we know how reliable these plastic films are.


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