Urethane (Polyurethane)

Product Summary

Urethane (Polyurethane) film is a versatile material renowned for its excellent hardness range, desirable elongation capabilities, long-term durability, low-temperature flexibility, and good tensile strength.
With outstanding abrasion resistance, urethane film can withstand rigorous use. Its unique characteristic allows for multiple melting and remelting cycles without compromising performance. Commonly utilized in the Medical Device/Diagnostic Strips and Industrial Films and Adhesives industries, urethane film offers a wide range of applications.
Its diverse properties make it a preferred choice for projects requiring superior mechanical performance, flexibility, and longevity.

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Product Benefits

Abrasion Resistant
Environmentally Friendly
Good Flexibility
Good Tensile Strength
Long-Term Durability

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, polyurethane film maintains its flexibility and elasticity even at low temperatures. It remains pliable and resistant to cracking or breaking in cold environments, making it suitable for applications that require flexibility in sub-zero conditions.

Yes, polyurethane film exhibits excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, and solvents. It can withstand exposure to various substances without degradation, making it suitable for applications requiring chemical resistance.

Yes, polyurethane film can be printed on or decorated using various printing techniques such as screen printing, digital printing, or heat transfer. Its smooth surface allows for high-quality graphics, text, or logos.

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