Ultra High Molecular Weight

Product Summary

UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) film is an exceptional engineering plastic renowned for its remarkable toughness and abrasion resistance, surpassing even that of steel. With superb impact and wear characteristics, UHMW film offers exceptional durability in demanding applications.

It exhibits high resistance to chemicals, corrosion, and radiation, making it suitable for challenging environments. This versatile film finds extensive use in severe duty applications, including industries similar to that of Medical Devices / Diagnostic Strips, where its outstanding properties are highly valued.

UHMW film is a go-to choice for applications requiring exceptional strength, longevity, and reliability in the face of harsh conditions and rigorous use.

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Product Benefits

Easily Fabricated
Excellent Abrasion Resistance
Good Chemical Resistance
Good Stress Cracking Resistance
Outstanding Impact Strength
Sound Dampening Abilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, UHMW film is recyclable. It can be recycled and processed into new products, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

UHMW film exhibits excellent temperature resistance and can typically perform effectively within a wide temperature range, from -320°F (-196°C) to 200°F (93°C). However, it's important to consider the specific grade and formulation of UHMW film to ensure compatibility with your desired temperature conditions.

Yes, UHMW film can be supplied with special surface treatments or coatings to enhance its functionality for specific applications. These treatments or coatings can provide additional properties such as improved adhesion, reduced friction, or enhanced chemical resistance. It is recommended to discuss your specific requirements with the supplier to explore available options.

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