Product Summary

Tefzel™ is a versatile fluoropolymer that offers exceptional performance across a wide range of applications. This high-performance material is known for its outstanding chemical resistance, thermal stability, and electrical properties. Tefzel™ is a transparent thermoplastic that combines mechanical strength with resistance to chemicals, acids, and solvents, making it an excellent choice for demanding environments.
This film is stiffer than the Teflon™ variants (elastic modulus: 830 MPa vs 480 MPa) and has a higher tensile strength (41 MPa vs 21-25 MPa). It is also approx. 20% less dense, important where the combination of strength and low weight is crucial such as in aircraft.
One of the key features of Tefzel™ is its superior electrical insulation properties, making it highly suitable for applications in the electrical and electronics industry. It provides reliable insulation and protection against electrical currents, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Tefzel™ is also corrosion-resistant, making it a preferred choice for use in chemical processing equipment, where it can protect against the damaging effects of aggressive chemicals.

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Product Benefits

These films are outstanding for the fabrication methods and processes listed below. Because you can process them using conventional equipment and techniques without compromising their composition and properties, there is no need to spend extra on special equipment and training.

- Heat-sealing
- Thermoforming
- Vacuum-forming
- Heat-bonding
- Welding
- Metallizing
- Laminating with other materials such as plastics and elastomers
- Die-stamping
- Bonding as a hot-melt adhesive

When used as flexible circuit substrates and photovoltaic glazing, for example, these properties help to maintain high performance and prolong the service life of electronic devices.
1. Retain their electrical properties across large expanses of film
2. Display high dielectric (insulating) strength - Tefzel™: max. 160 kV/mm for 0.025-mm film [4,000 V/mil]
3. Do not undergo electrical tracking, are non-wetting, and do not char in a fire
4. Have a very low dielectric constant (Tefzel™: 2.6) and power factor that fluctuate little over wide temperature and frequency ranges.

Chemically inert and resistant to almost all chemicals*, such as solvents, at high temperatures and pressures, Teflon™ and Tefzel™ films suit equipment in harsh environments that need protection from corrosion and mechanical failure, such as chemical tanks and high-pressure piping.

Moreover, they have low permeability to liquids, gases and organic vapors and exhibit low moisture absorption. This makes them ideal as fuel hose permeation barriers in aircraft.

* Excluding molten alkali metals, gaseous fluorine, and some complex halogenated compounds like chlorine trifluoride.

Increases reliability of sterile packaging and minimizes the infection risk from contamination

Tefzel™ is stable when exposed to the outdoors. As such, they are suitable as membranes to protect such diverse outdoor structures as greenhouses, satellite radomes, and advertising signage from water and impact damage.

These films feature high transmittance of ultraviolet and all other light except far-infrared radiation. That means they absorb very little of the UV light causes plastics to break down, hence the long service life.

Lightweight saves fuel in aviation applications, and therefore money

Tefzel™ films are highly resistant to impact and tearing, making them ideal for sterilized medical pouches and airbag deployment systems where safety is crucial. Also, with a minimum continuous service temperature of -240°C (-400°F) Teflon™ films stay strong at very low temperatures, making them useful for applications at cryogenic applications such as vials and hoses in the medical field.

Stiffness makes it easier to shape and weld film to chemical tank interiors

Tefzel™ films are free of plasticizers and other impurities that reduce stability, and Chemours’ strict quality control system ensures that all films are of uniform gauge and free of voids.

Each with a broad continuous service temperature range, Tefzel™ suits applications that require films to function without failing at very high and/or very low temperatures.
- Tefzel™ ETFE: -100 to 150°C (-150 to 300°F)

Examples include heat-exchanger duct linings, expansion joints, protective light coverings, and cryogenic vessels.

Tefzel™ films are all heat-sealable as well as tear-resistant and non-stick, they make reliable thermally sealed biological culture bags and sterilized pouches for medical devices.

Tefzel™ also serves as outstanding hot-melt adhesives for bonding other materials together. Melting ranges are:
- Tefzel™ ETFE: 260 to 280°C (500 to 536°F)

Easy Fabrication and Processing
Electrical Properties
High Chemical Compatibility - Tefzel
High Tear Resistance
Long-Term Weatherability - Tefzel
Low Density
Mechanical Strength - Tefzel
Moderate Stiffness
Purity and Quality Control - Tefzel
Thermal Range

Challenges and Solutions

Aircraft fuel hoses play a critical role in safely delivering fuel to the engines. However, fuel permeation through the hoses can lead to increased fuel consumption and operational costs. The challenge is finding a solution that can effectively mitigate fuel permeation while maintaining the necessary mechanical toughness required for aviation applications.
In aircraft fuel hose permeation barriers, Tefzel™ provides high mechanical toughness while decreasing weight, which reduces fuel consumption and therefore operating costs.
When it comes to packaging sensitive pharmaceutical products and medical devices, maintaining the integrity and sterility of the contents is crucial. The challenge is finding a film material that can provide high resistance to impact and tearing, ensuring that the sealed bags remain intact throughout storage, transportation, and handling processes.
Tefzel™film’s high resistance to impact and tearing secures the integrity of thermally sealed sterilized bags containing pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gauges range from 12.5 – 3,125 µm (0.5 – 125 mil) thick. Please click on the PDF for the film type in question for available gauges, or contact us to discuss your options.

Tefzel™ films are available in clear or pigmented white.

One side, two side: corona treatment or chemical etching.

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