Product Summary

Synthetic material is derived from a plastic substrate to create a unique paper-like feeling. PolymerFilms offers a full line of Synthetic film products from world-leading producers like PPG Industries (TESLIN®) and DuPont Teijin Films (TYVEK®).

Synthetic films are extremely versatile as they are offered in an array of colors and different coatings. They are known for their durability, bondable, and lightweight characters, as well as their water, abrasion, and aging resistant properties. Because synthetic plastic films are tough and high performance, they work well for applications in the Graphics / Print, Packaging, Secure ID / Cards, and Industrial industries.

Synthetic film material acts like a thermoplastic once bonded and remains resilient. It is commonly used for applications such as maps, tags and labels, laminated cards and key tags, royalty and membership cards, diplomas, e-passport e-covers, building envelopes, PPE, sterile packaging, cargo covers, industrial packaging, envelopes, controlled environments apparel, and more.

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Product Benefits

Abrasion Resistant
Aging Resistant
Tear/Puncture Resistant
Water Resistant

Frequently Asked Questions

5 mil - 30 mil

Dark Blue, Gray, Opaque White, Gloss, Matte & Satin White, Natural

Synthetic films offer advantages such as excellent printability, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and improved barrier properties compared to traditional materials. They provide greater flexibility in design and functionality.

Synthetic films provide excellent printability, allowing high-quality branding, product information, and vibrant graphics. They facilitate effective communication and enhance visual appeal.

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