Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate

Product Summary

RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) is an environmentally friendly PET alternative created from collecting, sorting, and recycling PET resin.

RPET is known for having the same strength and durability features of PET, as well as thermoforming capabilities, making it most appropriate for the Transportation and Packaging industries.

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Product Benefits

Can Re-Melt Into Plasma
Environmentally Friendly Film
Excellent Electrical Insulation
Good Gas and Moisture Barrier

Frequently Asked Questions

RPET film helps reduce the consumption of new raw materials by utilizing recycled PET materials. This recycling process contributes to resource conservation and waste reduction, promoting environmental sustainability.

Yes, RPET film shares similar properties with regular PET film, including good clarity, strength, and printability. It is a suitable alternative that offers comparable performance while reducing reliance on new raw materials.

Yes, RPET film can meet industry standards and certifications for specific applications such as food packaging and medical products. It can be produced to comply with regulatory requirements, ensuring safety and suitability for these applications.

Using RPET film helps reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by diverting PET waste from landfills, reducing the need for new plastic production, and minimizing energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

Yes, RPET film can be combined with other materials or laminated to enhance its properties or add specific functionalities. It can be coated, laminated, or combined with barrier films to improve moisture resistance, barrier properties, or printing capabilities.

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