Print and Peel Protective Masking

Print and Peel Protective Masking

When you’ve invested an enormous amount of time, money, and effort into making quality products with PET and polycarbonate substrates, the last thing you want is surface damage during and after production – and angry customers.


That’s where Print and Peel™ from MacDermid Enthone comes to your aid. It’s a water-based dispersion of polymers formulated for selective screen printing a layer onto a wide variety of plain and textured surfaces, acting as a protective mask 10-15 μm thick that’s easy to peel off.


Print and Peel™ is designed to protect all the MacDermid Autotype films, namely the Autotex®, Autoflex®, and Autostat® families, as well as printed windows, polycarbonate, PVC labels, and printed glossy graphic inks.

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Product Benefits

Quick and easy to remove in a single sheet by picking up an edge with a fingernail or a piece of tape

Conveniently screen printable, and preparation is easy to learn

The dark blue color is easy to notice, saving time

Protects polyester and polycarbonate film surfaces from scratches and scuffs both during processing and delivery to customer, avoiding waste, rejections, and complaints

Leaves no residue on the substrate when removed, eliminating the need to clean it

Easy to control which parts are to be masked and which are not, eliminating waste

Print and Peel™ does not become more difficult to peel off over time, eliminating frustration with stubborn masking

Stays attached to the substrate during normal processing, but is easy to peel off when necessary

Print and Peel™ is non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, and cleaning up is quick and easy

Easy Peel-off
Easy to Apply
Easy to See
Effective Protection
Residue Free
Selectively Printable
Stable Adhesion
Stays in Place
Water Based

Challenges and Solutions

After manufacturing capacitive touch control units protected by Autotex, they need to be transported to the customer for use in their machinery. This carries the risk of surface scuffing or abrasion during transport, which may lead to individual units or the whole batch being rejected. The remedy costs will eat into your profit.
Printing the Autotex surfaces with Print and Peel™ will prevent that kind of surface damage, making it a cost-effective investment in clearing inspection and securing customer satisfaction.
To keep costs down, your company has been using a colorless low-tack adhesive film when shipping finished touchscreens. However, customers have been complaining about the film prematurely separating from the screens, risking damage to the products. Some of the films have come completely off, prompting a couple of customers to threaten to switch suppliers if the problem isn’t fixed immediately.
Switching to Print and Peel™ is cost-effective and relatively straightforward. Simply use your current screen printing equipment and follow the easy application instructions. Doing so will result in a consistent and reliable layer that adheres snugly to the substrate, but peels off smoothly when pulled back with a fingernail or piece of tape. The blue color means it is always easy to confirm whether the masking is in place. It’s a small investment to prevent losing valuable customers.

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