Polyphenylene Ether

Product Summary

PPE (Polyphenylene Ether) is a thermoplastic, linear, noncrystalline polyether blended with polystyrene to increase and improve the toughness of the material and ease its processability.

PPE is known for good chemical resistance, excellent dimensional stability, high mechanical and dielectric strength, and low moisture absorption. These properties make PPE a very suitable plastic for the Transportation industry.

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Product Benefits

Increases reliability of sterile packaging and minimizes the infection risk from contamination

Dielectric Strength
Easy to Fabricate
Good Chemical Resistance
Good Thermal & Oxidative Stability
High Tear Resistance
Moisture Barrier Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

2 mil - 30 mil

Yes, PPE film can be easily customized in terms of width, length, thickness, and color to meet specific requirements and design needs.

Yes, PPE film is commonly used in food contact applications. It meets regulatory standards for food packaging and provides a reliable moisture barrier and protection for food products.

Yes, PPE film exhibits good UV resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications where protection against UV radiation is required.

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