Product Summary

Polypropylene (PP) film is a thermoplastic material that is known to be cost-effective and 100% recyclable. PolymerFilms offers a full line of Polypropylene film products from world-leading producers like MAPAL.

It is offered with a matte finish and clear coloring. Polypropylene film has high clarity, high gloss, good tensile strength properties, and a high melting point making it suitable for applications that require sterilization at high temperatures. Its unique properties make polypropylene material most suited for applications in the Packaging and Food and Beverage industries.

Polypropylene film is known for its low odor, high chemical resistance, and inertness, making it the preferred choice for packaging applications that require FDA regulations. Common applications where polypropylene film is seen include food wraps, candy packaging, shrink wrap, tape liners, diapers and sterile wrap, and cigarette packaging.

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Product Benefits

Certain grades can be heat-sealed on one or both sides to reliably protect the contents

Ability to be Metalized
Environmentally Friendly
Good Fatigue Resistance
Good Flexibility
High Chemical Resistance
High Gloss
Optical Clarity

Frequently Asked Questions

10 mil - 30 mil

Black, White, Natural, Clear

Yes, PP film is widely used in food packaging applications. It is FDA-approved for food contact, offers good barrier properties against moisture and gasses, and is commonly used for food bags, pouches, and wraps.

Yes, PP film provides a printable surface suitable for various printing methods such as flexographic, gravure, offset, or digital printing. It allows for high-quality graphics, text, or images for branding and product information.

Yes, PP film can be easily heat-sealed or welded to create strong and reliable seals. It is commonly used in applications that require secure closures, such as packaging bags and pouches.

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