(PC) Polycarbonate

Product Summary

Polycarbonate (PC) film is an amorphous thermoplastic material that is known to be tough, impact-resistant, and virtually unbreakable for numerous applications. PolymerFilms is the leading North American distributor of the most commonly recognized polycarbonate film brands, LEXAN™, from the world-leading producer, SABIC. It is offered in a variety of textures which include gloss, velvet, matte, and suede. High-performance PC coated films are scratch-resistant and can be enhanced with available weather resistance and flame retardant grades.

Polycarbonate is 20x stronger than acrylic and retains its physical properties over a greater range of temperatures; PC film is also an outstanding choice for glass, with over 200 x the strength. Besides its high-temperature resistance, LEXAN polycarbonate film has superb workability for secondary processes such as die-cutting, embossing, and thermoforming. Additional unique properties include chemical resistance, anti-fog capabilities, engineering properties, excellent dimensional stability, and electrical properties.

Polycarbonate is often the preferred choice for applications in the Graphics / Print industry, but works well for many other applications as well. Other uses include: interior automotive applications, security & ID card films, touchscreen films, printed electronics, medical packaging, outdoor labels, and more.

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Product Benefits

Maintains its shape over a wide temperature range

Certain grades can be heat-sealed on one or both sides to reliably protect the contents

Excellent Puncture Resistance
Extreme Impact Resistance
Good Dimensional Stability
Great Light Transmittance
Optical Clarity

Frequently Asked Questions

1 mil - 30 mil

Red, Dark Yellow, Blue, Bronze, Gray, Black, White, Clear

Polycarbonate film can typically withstand high temperatures ranging from -40°C to +120°C (-40°F to +248°F), making it suitable for various thermal applications.

Yes, some polycarbonate films offer flame retardant properties making them useful in applications where high heat can occur.

Yes, polycarbonate film is well-suited for outdoor applications. It offers excellent weatherability, UV resistance, and long-term durability in outdoor environments.

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