Melinex® PET Films for Secure ID

Product Summary

It’s hard being a card. They get bent up in overstuffed wallets, jammed into and ripped out of ATMs, peeled by pimply teenagers trying to alter their birthdate, left on car dashboards in August. The treatment we dish out sees off huge numbers of cards before their expiry dates, costing money, time, resources, and convenience to replace them.

But it doesn’t have to be this way if we make them with DuPont Teijin’s Melinex® PETF film. Unlike the amorphous polymers polycarbonate, PVC, and PETG, Melinex® PETF is a biaxially oriented crystalline polymer with chains locked together in a specific lattice structure.

It comes in various grades and gauges designed with your organization’s needs, or those of your customers, in mind. As North America’s largest authorized, value-adding distributor of Melinex® PETF films with five film centers – three in the USA, one in Canada, and one in Mexico – PolymerFilms makes it fast and easy to order PET films for your secure ID and card applications.

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Product Benefits

PETF is the world’s most widely recycled polymer, can be produced from plant-derived raw materials, and bisphenol A is not used during manufacture

Resists embrittlement arising from plasticizers often found in wallets

The white grades are highly opaque for hiding embedded security features to prevent counterfeiting, even at thin gauges

Melinex® PETF did not fail in ISO Flex testing, whereas other cards failed around the implant module

With better thermal stability than PETG and PVC, Melinex® PETF cards retain their shape and stability at temperatures up to 446°F (230°C) for extended periods due to crystallization

Lasts 5+ years under heavy use to suit financial cards and driver’s licenses

High flatness before and after thermoforming/lamination (0.5-3.0%, depending on grade and gauge

Gauges ranging from 0.75 to 14 mil (20 to 350 µm) keep IDs thin to minimize space and weight but stiff and tear-resistant

Environmentally Sustainable (PET-SEC)
Excellent Embrittlement Resistance
Hides Security Features
High Flex Strength
High Temperature Resistance (PET-SEC)
Long Service Life
Low Shrinkage (PET-SEC)
Thin Gauges

Challenges and Solutions

You are preparing a response to a college’s request for tender for their new series of student cards, and two of the conditions are that the cards must be as environmentally friendly as possible and durable enough to last four years of heavy use. So you need to source materials that will improve your chances of winning the business.
Melinex® is a PETF and ideal for this situation. Not only can PETF be made from raw materials derived from plant products, and manufacturing it does not use contentious chemicals like BisPhenol A, but it can also be recycled into various types of polyester for other products like food packaging, yarn for clothing, and pallet strapping. Melinex® is also durable enough to take the punishing that students dish out as it doesn’t embrittle and prematurely deteriorate due plasticizers commonly found in wallets.
With identity thieves and counterfeiters always trying to stay a step ahead of law enforcement, businesses, governments and educational institutions need to provide staff, students, and members of the public with durable, tamper-resistant secure IDs to keep fraudsters at bay.
Heat-sealing, clear Melinex® 342 onto one or both sides of a printed PVC core with security features such as holograms and clear windows provides cost-effective tamper resistance and extra longevity to ID cards.
You have developed an innovative security feature for ID cards, but want to keep it effectively invisible so criminals are not aware it exists. It needs to be sandwiched between two layers of film and not be visible when held up to the light.
The feature may be placed between two layers of Melinex® 339 opaque white film, with color printing strategically placed to hide any silhouette.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The range of possible substrates is large, but depending on the grade, common ones include PVC, PET, polycarbonate, Mylar®, Tedlar®, and more. Please ask our friendly Sales team, who will be happy to supply you with a comprehensive list.

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