Melinex® PET Films for Printing

Product Summary

Ever gazed at a Van Gogh or a Monet and wondered whether it’d be the same if the artist had compromised on his canvas?

Chances are it wouldn’t. Canvas quality affects brush control and longevity, and influences how colors interact with the surface.The same goes for printing on polymer film. So why risk problems like curling and color vibrancy when you can choose a reliable and cost-effective Melinex® or Mylar® grade?

Unlike the amorphous polymers polycarbonate, PVC, and PETG, Dupont Teijin’s Melinex® and Mylar® PETF films are biaxially oriented crystalline polymers with chains locked together in a specific lattice. This gives outstanding durability and excellent dimensional stability under high and low temperatures.

As North America’s largest authorized, value-adding distributor of Melinex® and Mylar® films with five film centers – three in the USA, one in Canada, and one in Mexico – PolymerFilms makes it fast and easy to order PET films for your printing needs.

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Product Benefits

Pre-treated on one or both sides to promote adhesion of aqueous, solvent-, and acrylic-based inks, depending on the grade, for accurate reproduction of colors and fine details

Minimal distortion even under varying temperature and humidity, ensuring accurate registration during printing, less waste, and more efficient production

Can withstand high temperatures during printing processes such as drying, curing, or laminating, which helps to reduce waste and deliver consistent print quality

Suits techniques like flexographic, gravure, offset, and digital printing, reducing the need to keep many film types in inventory

Various Melinex® films for printing are certified by Underwriters Laboratories, offering extra peace of mind

Stays flat when printing, preventing the problems of curling, buckling, and wrinkling that can cause misalignment, defects and feeding difficulties that interrupt production and impact the bottom line

Helps prevent fading, discoloration, and breakdown of printed materials exposed to sunlight or UV light sources for long service life

Reduces label and signage replacement costs arising from chemical damage in harsh industrial environments

Enhances the visual impact of printed graphics and images for high safety or merchandising appeal

Resists tearing, punctures, and abrasion, so the printed output stays intact during handling and use

Accepts Various Inks
Exceptional Dimensional Stability
High Heat Tolerance
High Versatility
Independently Verified Reliability
Outstanding Lay-Flat
Resists UV Damage
Robust Chemical Resistance
Sparkling Finish
Tough and Durable

Challenges and Solutions

Your client, a New Mexico ski resort, is updating the resort’s outdoor signage and needs printing that can withstand the harsh UV radiation and seasonal temperature fluctuations.
New Mexico’s altitude and sunny weather mean energetic UV rays bombarding the signage, so Melinex® 966 is the film to choose. Its integral UV blocker gives the printed graphics multi-year protection against degradation and fading, for a fresh look every season.
Your consumer goods client needs large quantities of durable POS materials for a major product launch in supermarkets. The materials feature holograms and striking colors.
This is a job for Melinex® 725. It’s die-cut friendly, printable on both sides, and suits multi-pass printing for handling complex graphics and UV curing to speed up production.
Your client has designed a new medical device that needs a white control panel overlay to match the device’s body.
Melinex® 331 is ideal. It’s a pearlescent white film that’s easy to print on with most ink types, and resists damage from powerful hospital-grade cleaning chemicals for a long service life.
Your client needs vivid promotional signage for a series of trade shows that can tolerate rough handling, resists curling, and is easy to clean.
Consider Melinex® 313. This clear film offers good lay-flat so resists curling, suits various variety of ink types and printing processes for striking graphics, and is tough enough to look great after the punishment of several set-ups and pack-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask our friendly Sales team, who will be happy to supply you with the specifications to help you make a decision.

The range of possible inks is large, and includes solvent-, acrylic-, and water-based inks. The inks you can use will depending on the film grade, so please talk to our friendly Sales team, who will be happy to help you match films with inks to give the results you want.

Please contact your nearest PolymerFilms center by phone or email, fill in the contact form, or request a quote.

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