Melinex® & Mylar® PET Films for Industrial & GP

Product Summary

Some might say that PET films are hidden heroes. They’re responsible for the glossy finish on the panels of your sleek RV. They lurk under the fancy designs of premium health food packages. And they’re likely nestled in your wallet right now, protecting the work of art that is your driver’s license photo.

These are a minuscule fraction of the industrial and general-purpose uses of Dupont™ Teijin’s Mylar® and Melinex® PET films, most of which pass unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Unlike amorphous polycarbonate, PVC, and PETG, Mylar® and Melinex® PET films are biaxially oriented crystalline polymers with chains locked together in a specific lattice structure.

They come in a wide range of grades and gauges designed with your needs, or those of your customers, at the forefront.

As North America’s largest authorized, value-adding distributor of Mylar® and Melinex® PET films with five film centers – three in the USA, one in Canada, and one in Mexico – PolymerFilms makes it fast and easy to order PET films for your industrial and general-purpose applications.

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Product Benefits

Offers an excellent balance of reasonable pricing and long service life compared to PETG, PVC, and polycarbonate films

Low shrinkage of approx. 3% or less at 150°C/238°F

PET is the world’s most recycled polymer, so waste offcuts and old products can be reprocessed and reused, reducing your environmental impact

Certain grades can be heat-sealed on one or both sides to reliably protect the contents

They do not melt or deform when used as a carrier for hot-stamping foil

They provide a very flat, even surface for casting, printing, metallizing, etc. minimizing distortion for a high-quality finish

Easy to clean and won’t break down when exposed to a wide variety of cleaning and industrial solvents

Their biaxially oriented crystalline structure provides high strength in the machining and transverse directions, so they resist tearing and distortion under high mechanical stress for a long service life

Glossy for beautiful, smooth finishes on printed items through to rough (large surface area) to improve adhesion

From ultra-thin 48 (0.48 mil / 12 μm) up to 1,400 (14 mil / 355 μm)

From crystal clear to hazy to opaque white

Pre-treatments are available on one or both sides to aid adhesion, printing, and metallizing

Cost Effective (PET-IND)
Dimensionally Stable (PET-IND)
Environmentally Sustainable
High Heat Resistance
High Quality Finish
High Solvent Resistance
Tough and Durable Quality
Various Film Textures
Various Gauges (PET-IND)
Various Opacities Available
Various Surface Treatments

Challenges and Solutions

You’re designing a new upscale RV and need to make fiberglass-reinforced panels with different textures for interior and exterior use.
The cost-effective Melinex® PPLAM1 family of casting films comes in Smooth, Matte, and Rough textures that produce corresponding finishes on the panels when removed. So there’s Smooth for glossy outer panels that’ll turn heads, and Matte and Rough for stylish interior details.
You’re looking for the right material for packaging a premium range of health foods in metallized resealable stand-up pouches.
Food-grade Mylar® 850H is a good choice for the purpose. The thicker 120 gauge gives the pouches an up-market feel, and the pouches can be metallized and heat-sealed. A press-seal can also be added for re-sealing after the first use to keep the food fresh.
You need to choose a cost-effective, recyclable polyester carrier film for your hot foil stamping line to minimize pricing and follow the company’s ESG commitments.
Melinex® 377 is a good choice here. It’s dimensional stability at hot foil stamping temperatures means it won’t distort and ruin the finish. And being PETF, it is also recyclable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask our friendly Sales team, who will be happy to supply you with the specifications to help you make a decision.

For lamination, the range of possible materials is large, but depending on the grade, common ones include PVC, PET, polycarbonate, Tedlar®, and more. For heat-sealing, Mylar® and Melinex® can be co-extruded with a layer of APET (amorphous PET). Please ask our friendly Sales team, who will be happy to supply you with a comprehensive list.

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