Melinex® & Mylar® PET Films for Electrical (PET – ELC)

Product Summary

You touched one to make your coffee this morning. There are another couple that make up the RFID stickers in the library books the kids forgot to return. More again line the compressor keeping your fridge cold.

They’re the PET films that form a crucial but scarcely noticed part of the electronic and electrical components making life convenient and, in some ways, even possible.And though hidden from sight, Melinex and Mylar® insulating films prevent faults to keep electric motors and compressors humming along for the long haul.

Tough, durable, and easy to process, Mylar and Melinex come in various gauges from ultra-thin to thick, with or without surface treatment to improve adhesion, printability, and the like. They’re designed with your business’s needs, or those of your customers, in mind.

As North America’s largest authorized, value-adding distributor of Melinex and Mylar PET films with five film centers – three in the USA, one in Canada, and one in Mexico – PolymerFilms makes it fast and easy to order PET films for your electrical component and flexible electronics applications.

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Product Benefits

Meets thermal and electrical insulation standards and specifications for motors, wires and cables in North America and worldwide

Tough films suited to mechanical forming, and roll-to-roll lamination is easy

Dimensionally and structurally stable in motors operating at high temperatures

Helps to extend service life and reduce maintenance costs of electric motors by protecting against short circuits and burn-outs (breakdown voltage – Melinex 238: 23 kV for 10-mil (250-μm) film; Mylar MO21: 19 kV for 10-mil (250-μm) film)

FPCs and FFCs using Melinex films resist curling, which improves handling, processing and reliability

Melinex ST504 and ST506 have a proven performance record for flexible circuits, reducing component maintenance/replacement costs

Stable in resins and solvents often used to make electrical laminates, minimizing defects that can reduce motor or insulation service life

Ideal for ITO (tin-doped indium oxide) sputtering and other optical coatings

Easy to process, and heat-, chemical-, abrasion- and moisture-resistant for long service life

This treatment provides excellent registration and flatness for printing, and makes film dimensionally stable enough to be an etched RFID antenna substrate

QMFZ2-E93687 (Mylar & Melinex)

Complies with Standards
Easy to Process (ELE)
Good Thermal Endurance
High Dielectric Strength (ELE)
Non-Curling Laminates
Reliable Performance
Resists Chemical Attack
Smooth, Clean Surface
Strong and Flexible
Thermal Stabilization Available
Underwriter Laboratories Approved

Challenges and Solutions

You’re designing a new hermetic compressor for an HVAC system. The specs require insulation with low oligomer content and Underwriter Laboratories certification.
Melinex 238 is the film to choose. It has low oligomer content, carries Underwriter Laboratories recognition (QMFZ2-E93687), is available in gauges from 300 to 1,400 (75 to 350 μm) to provide the insulation the specs demand.
You are designing membrane touch switches for a new dialysis machine and considering he right films to use for them.
Print-friendly Melinex ST506 is ideal for this application, as it suits the outer graphics layer, and is pre-treated on both sides for adhesion of the spacer and printed silver circuit on the bottom. It can also withstand the powerful hospital cleaning solvents.

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