Valox™ FR1

Product Summary

Valox™ FR1 is a flame retardant PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) known for its good dimensional stability, high heat/chemical resistance, and high tensile strength. It has more economical molding characteristics than other thermosets. Valox FR1 offers a UL94 VTM-0 performance down to .005″ thick.

Valox FR1’s dielectric strength and ease of fabrication make the material most common in the transportation and electronics industries.

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Product Benefits

Versatile for large-scale production of in-mold decorations

They do not melt or deform when used as a carrier for hot-stamping foil

With better thermal stability than PETG and PVC, diagnostic strips made with Melinex® ST329 retain their shape and stability at temperatures up to 446°F (230°C) for registration during strip printing

QMFZ2-E93687 (Mylar & Melinex)

Blocks UV Radiation
Chemical Resistant
Easy to Form
Excellent Dimensional Stability
Good Chemical & Electric Resistance
High Heat Resistance
High Temperature Resistance
Low Shrinkage Rate
Underwriter Laboratories Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Valox™ FR1 film offers high-temperature resistance compared to many other plastic films. It can withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to approximately 167°C (333°F) without significant deformation or loss of properties. PBT film is commonly used in applications that involve elevated temperatures.

Yes, Valox™ FR1 film has low moisture absorption compared to some other plastics. It offers good resistance to moisture uptake, making it suitable for applications where dimensional stability is important, or where exposure to humidity or moisture is expected.

Valox™ FR1 comes in .005" - .030" thick on a 36" wide master rolls. Contact your local PolymerFilms sales rep to learn more about the various Valox FR1 sizes.

Valox™ FR1 comes in a Matte/Gloss Finish.

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