(OPS) Oriented Polystyrene

Product Summary

OPS (Oriented Polystyrene) film is lightweight, durable and strong. Produced by stretching extruded PS film, the material has improved visibility and increased stiffness.

Due to being cost-effective and its transparent properties, OPS is most commonly seen in the Graphics / Print and Packaging industries.

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Product Benefits

Just 0.6% shrinkage at 300°F (150°C), providing decades-long stability in the harshest of climates

Dimensionally Stable
Good Impact Resistance
Increased Stiffness & Strength

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, OPS film is suitable for tamper-evident packaging. It can be easily heat-sealed or heat-shrunk to create secure seals that provide visual evidence of tampering. OPS film's rigidity and clarity make it an ideal choice for applications where tamper resistance is important.

Yes, OPS film can be used in cold storage or freezer applications. It offers good dimensional stability and maintains its transparency and rigidity at low temperatures. OPS film is commonly used for frozen food packaging or other applications that require resistance to cold environments.

Selecting the right OPS film depends on various factors such as the desired clarity, printability, barrier properties, and specific application requirements. Speak with a film expert today to discuss the best OPS film for your application.

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