Product Summary

Nylon, or Polyamide (PA), is a clear thermoplastic that is known for having a higher melting point than other polymers, exceptional strength and toughness, scratch and puncture resistance, good oxygen barrier properties, and is printable and non-dissolvable. Because of these characteristics, nylon is often a favored choice in the food packaging industry.

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Product Benefits

Easy to print on without pre-treatment, saving treatment cost and time

Excellent Barrier Properties
Excellent Printability
High Flexibility & Stretchability
High Strength & Durability
Moisture Resistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, nylon film can be heat-sealed or welded. It can be easily joined together using heat sealing equipment or thermal welding techniques to create secure seals. This property allows for the creation of various packaging formats or custom sizes based on specific application needs.

Nylon film offers several advantages, including high strength, durability, excellent barrier properties against moisture and gasses, good chemical resistance, and flexibility. Its versatility and unique properties make it suitable for demanding applications where other films may not provide sufficient performance.

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