LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Graphics Grades

Product Summary

Have you ever been disappointed by dull colors when printing on film? Agonized over formability issues and rough edges when processing complex film shapes for automotive in-mold decorations? Or watched the backlit sign at your favorite restaurant gradually degrade from hotspots?

Chances are it happened due to the wrong choice of graphics film. So how do you prevent problems like these? By printing on a LEXANTM polycarbonate film, from SABIC.

Created with design versatility and visual appeal in mind, the LEXAN graphics series comes in polished and textured grades that are both durable and easy to print on. Various grades, gauges, and colors* are available to suit your organization’s needs, and those of your customers.

PolymerFilms is North America’s largest authorized, value-adding distributor of LEXAN polycarbonate films with five film centers – three in the USA, one in Canada, and one in Mexico.

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Product Benefits

Gives a high-quality finish while avoiding the cost of using actual brushed metal

Die-cutting produces visually appealing clean edges

86 – 93% light transmission across all gauges, ensuring displays stand out for maximum effect

With LEXAN 8A23 and LEXAN 8B2MBD the film itself can be colored

Versatile for large-scale production of in-mold decorations

Easy to form in secondary processes, such as die-cutting, thermoforming, and embossing

Prevents hot spots in backlit displays that can degrade materials and inks, thus extending product life and saving on replacement costs

Colors retain vividness in second-surface printing

Easy to print on without pre-treatment, saving treatment cost and time

LEXAN 8040 film meets US FDA/USP Class VI requirements, making it suitable for sterile medical packaging

Printed materials last longer and retain their visual appeal, saving replacement/repair costs

Colors print as intended – rich and vivid for high visual impact

Ideal for long-lasting safety labels and displays in harsh and hazardous environments (LEXAN SLX film)

Brushed-Metal Look
Clean Cut Edges
Crystal Clear
Custom Coloring Available
Easy to Form
Easy Workability
Even Light Diffusion
Excellent Depth Effect
Excellent Printability
FDA/USP Compliant
Scratch/Wear Resistant
True Color Reproduction
Weather & Chemical Resistant

Challenges and Solutions

Brushed metal finishes for vehicle interiors look great but are expensive and reduce profit per vehicle.
LEXAN 8A37 is brushed on one side, polished on the other. When back-printed, laminated, sprayed with metallic ink, or painted, this film looks just like brushed metal but costs less, lifting profit per vehicle.
You need a tough material for brightly colored floor graphics at a museum to take a trampling under thousands of shoes.
LEXAN 8A23 film is ideal. Graphics can be screen-printed on durable custom-colored polycarbonate film laminate with conventional solvent- or water-based inks, or UV- or infrared-dried inks. The low-gloss finish minimizes glare off the graphics making them easier for visitors to read, and the matte surface resists marring. Moreover, odd-shaped graphics are easy to form and retain their dimensions.
Your client wants you to create vivid hanging signage for a clothing store, with text and graphics over a clear background.
LEXAN 60610 is a good choice. Scratch resistant and with a high-gloss surface finish, it has excellent light transmission (93%) and superior dimensional stability for graphic art applications. Stick-type masking is available on both sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the PDF for the film type in question to view the mechanical, thermal, physical, optical, and electrical (where relevant) properties in detail.

Polished: Excellent printing surface with true ink color fidelity and optics. Potential applications include LED/LCD windows and as a primary substrate finish for screener-applied selective textures. Matte: Hides light filaments and eliminates ‘hot spots’ in back-lit applications. The preferred finish for ‘dead-front’ graphics. Offers reduced surface reflection and gloss. Fine matte/very fine matte: Good printing surface, and not as smooth as polished. Velvet: Hides scratches, fingerprints and marring for heavy-use situations. Also acts as a diffuser for “windowed” or back-lit applications. Suede: Can resist abrasion while keeping an attractive appearance, so is often used in applications with a lot of heavy wear. Brushed: A special texture that resembles brushed metal

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