Flame Retardant LEXAN™ – Polycarbonate

Product Summary

Heat build-up, sparks, and poor insulation in electronic equipment can trigger fires that threaten valuable equipment and risk human lives.


That’s why you’ll find SABIC’s LEXAN™ polycarbonate flame-retardant films in a huge range of devices the world over, protecting people and property. They come in electrical and halogen-free environmentally friendly grades that are easy to form and print on.


PolymerFilms is North America’s largest authorized, value-adding distributor of LEXAN polycarbonate films with five film centers – three in the USA, one in Canada, and one in Mexico. It’s fast and easy to order the right films to protect your products and assets.


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Product Benefits

Can be cut, shaped, bent, etc. with your existing equipment, eliminating the need to invest in new machines

Meet RoHS and REACH, helping products containing these films to meet them too

Contain no bromine or chlorine, reducing their environmental impact and potentially opening up your products to markets with stringent sustainability requirements

Retains its shape and properties under extreme temperature changes such as when heat-sealing and in standard sterilization processes

Ideal for printing flame-resistant signage overlays for emergency evacuation routes

Low flammability even at high temperatures (see data sheets for thermal properties)

Proven reliability in various fire tests

QMFZ2-E93687 (Mylar & Melinex)

Choose from a wide range of gauges according to need

Maintains its properties from -240 to 260°C (-400 to 500°F), so protects against most chemicals at elevated temperatures and pressures, and also functions in cryogenic environments

Easy Processing
Environmental Compliance
High Dimensional Stability
Robust Flame Resistance
Satisfy Multiple Standards
Superior Puncture Resistance
Underwriter Laboratories Approved
Various Gauges
Wide Temperature Range

Challenges and Solutions

Tender specs for a new environmentally friendly building call for all flame-retardant materials, including signage, to meet strict environmental standards.
LEXAN EFR63 suits printed emergency signage overlays for backlit signs. This clear film resists deterioration at elevated temperatures, improving safety, and contains no halogen flame-retarding agents, satisfying environmental requirements.
An aircraft manufacturer needs an opaque, flame-resistant film for back-lit panels in the cockpit and cabin.
LEXAN FR25A is opaque and meets the strict air transportation requirements. It’s also easy to form into the shapes needed.
A maker of Li-ion battery packs needs a glossy flame-retardant film for encasing the batteries.
LEXAN FR83 is a good choice. It’s polished on one side to give the desired gloss, is easy to thermoform around the cells, and is a robust flame-retardant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the PDF for the film type in question to view the mechanical, thermal, physical, optical, and electrical properties in detail.

Films are available in clear, translucent, white, or black, depending on the grade.

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