Coated LEXAN™ – Polycarbonate

Product Summary

Tough environments call for tough films. Think protecting an outdoor control panel at a chemical plant, keeping a snowboarder’s goggles fog-free in a blizzard, or guarding the in-mold decorations in the family car from scratches and scrapes.

What’s the common thread binding them? They all use LEXAN™ polycarbonate coated film, from SABIC.

Created with durability, clarity, and safety in mind, LEXAN™ coated films come in high-performance, anti-fog, anti-glare, and double-coated varieties that are easy to die-cut and print on.


PolymerFilms is North America’s largest authorized, value-adding distributor of LEXAN™ polycarbonate films with five film centers – three in the USA, one in Canada, and one in Mexico. We make it fast and easy to order the right coated polycarbonate films for protecting your products and assets. You get the grades you need in cut-to-size sheets and rolls, with 

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Product Benefits

Ideal for visors, the AG3 grade cuts glare to combat eye fatigue, helping to reduce errors by medical staff

Easy to cut, roll, laminate, and metallize, and maintains its thickness for consistent product quality

They do not melt or deform when used as a carrier for hot-stamping foil

Remains intact for decades under strong UV light, lengthening module service life

Stays flat when printing, preventing the problems of curling, buckling, and wrinkling that can cause misalignment, defects and feeding difficulties that interrupt production and impact the bottom line

Abrasion Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Consistent Printability
Crystal Clarity
Easy to Clean
Easy to Process
High Heat Resistance
High UV Resistance
Impressive Mechanical Strength
Long-Term Weatherability
Optical Clarity
Outstanding Dimensional Stability
Outstanding Lay-Flat
UV Protection

Challenges and Solutions

Medical teams entering tropical regions to investigate disease outbreaks need PPE goggles and visors that won’t fog up in the high humidity.
LEXAN HP92AF is an anti-fog film specially designed for maintaining visibility in high-humidity environments. Moreover, it is scratch and chemical resistant to protect the PPE for accidental damage.
An auto interior design team needs a high-gloss, scratch- and cleaner-resistant in-mold decoration (IMD) for an HVAC bezel.
LEXAN HP92T film provides excellent scratch and chemical resistance to fulfill this needs, with the 92 gloss giving a polished finish.
A machinery maker is designing outdoor equipment for use at a chemical plant, and needs flat membrane switch overlays for the control panel and safety labels that won’t deteriorate during frequent use.
LEXAN HP12W is a good choice. Chemical and weather resistant with a matte finish, this coated film will be durable in the harsh environment, and minimizes reflection for easy readability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our datasheet page for the film type in question to view the mechanical, thermal, physical, optical, and electrical (where relevant) properties in detail.

High performance, Anti-fog and Anti-glare

The high-performance (HP) grades are available in four different surface finishes. 92 gloss = Polished High gloss and smooth, with a wet look | 60 gloss = Very fine matte Low glare – not as smooth as polished | 40 gloss = Fine matte Reduced surface reflection and gloss | 12 gloss = Matte Lowest surface reflection and gloss. Depending on the grade, you can print on either the first, second or both surfaces the film films, and all grades are designed for easy die-cutting and processing.

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