Low Density Polyethylene

Product Summary

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) film is a variant of the polyethylene product family. PolymeFilms offers a full line of LDPE film products from world-leading producers like Primex Plastics and Bostik. LDPE film is offered in a variety of colors and clear coating.

It is known to be a material that has good clarity, excellent chemical resistance, good moisture barriers, and is often chosen because of its ease of processing and higher gloss qualities. LDPE also provides the ability to be heat-sealed, making it strong, tough, and highly flexible. These material properties make it ideal for the Food and Beverage and Packaging industries.

LDPE is well suited for applications such as bags and liners, and food packaging. Other uses that LDPE film can be found in include envelope, shipping sacks, mattress bags, construction and agricultural films, grocery bags, trash can liners, and more.

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Product Benefits

Cost Effective
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Good Moisture Barrier
Highly Flexible
Optical Clarity

Frequently Asked Questions

3 mil - 30 mil

Green , Natural, Black, Clear

Yes, LDPE film can be heat-sealed or welded. It can be easily joined together using heat sealing equipment or thermal welding techniques to create strong and secure seals. This property allows for the creation of various packaging formats or custom sizes based on specific application needs.

Yes, LDPE film provides a printable surface suitable for various printing techniques such as flexographic, gravure, or screen printing. Its smooth surface allows for high-quality printing with vibrant colors and clear text, making it suitable for branding and product information.

Yes, HIPS film can be recycled alongside other plastic materials. It falls under the category of plastics that are commonly recycled, allowing for the potential to be reprocessed and used in the production of new plastic products. Check local recycling guidelines and facilities for specific recycling options.

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