High Impact Polystyrene

Product Summary

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is a versatile and cost-effective material that is formed from tough polystyrene. PolymerFilms offers a full line of HIPS film products from world-leading producers like Primex Plastics and Spartech.

It is offered in a matte texture with white coloring. HIPS film can easily be thermoformed and is 100% recyclable. HIPS material is known for its hardness and inherent moisture barrier properties. It is most commonly seen in the Food and Beverage and Packaging industries.

HIPS film is well suited for applications that require stiffness such as auto parts, electronics, laptop casings, soft drink cups, plastic cutlery, yogurt cups, and more.

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Product Benefits

Maintains its shape over a wide temperature range

Easily Molded
Easy to Fabricate
Excellent Impact Resistance
Good Dimensional Stability

Frequently Asked Questions

10 mil - 30 mil

Matte White, Opaque White

Yes, HIPS film can be laminated or coated to enhance its properties or add functionalities. It can be laminated with other films or coated with protective layers to improve scratch resistance, UV stability, or moisture barrier properties, depending on the specific application requirements.

Yes, HIPS film exhibits good dimensional stability, maintaining its shape and dimensions over time and under varying temperature and humidity conditions. This property ensures that the film retains its structural integrity, which is particularly beneficial for applications where precise dimensions and fit are crucial.

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