Product Summary

Fluoropolymer films are a remarkable class of engineered materials known for their exceptional properties and versatility. These films are derived from fluoropolymers, which exhibit extraordinary chemical resistance, high thermal stability, low friction, and excellent electrical insulation. With their unique characteristics, fluoropolymer films find application in a wide range of industries and demanding environments. We offer top-notch materials from industry-leading manufacturers like Chemours, DuPont, and Saint-Gobain in various gauges and sizes.


These films provide superior protection against corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures, and harsh conditions, making them ideal for applications requiring robust and reliable performance. They offer excellent nonstick properties, allowing for easy release of adhesives, coatings, and other substances. Their high dielectric strength and low dissipation factor make them valuable for electrical insulation applications.


Fluoropolymer films are widely used in sectors such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. They are employed in diverse applications including wire and cable insulation, printed circuit boards, gaskets, seals, release liners, architectural membranes, and more. With their combination of exceptional properties and broad applicability, fluoropolymer films provide essential solutions for industries seeking high-performance materials capable of withstanding extreme conditions and demanding requirements. We carry a variety of fluoropolymer films including Teflon Film, Tefzel Film, PVDF Film, PTFE Film, PVF Film, ETFE Film, PFA Film, and FEP Film.

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Product Benefits

Easy to form into desired shapes with conventional equipment and methods, saving money on new equipment and training

High stress-cracking resistance prolongs service life, saving replacement costs and improving customer satisfaction due to better reliability

Maintains its properties from -240 to 260°C (-400 to 500°F), so protects against most chemicals at elevated temperatures and pressures, and also functions in cryogenic environments

Highly Thermoformable
Long Fatigue Life
Wide Temperature Range

Frequently Asked Questions

Gauges range from 12.5 – 3,125 µm (0.5 – 125 mil) thick. Please click on the PDF for the film type in question for available gauges, or contact us to discuss your options.

Fluoropolymer films provide excellent electrical insulation and high-temperature resistance, making them ideal for applications in the electronics industry. They offer reliable protection and enhance the performance of electronic components.

Fluoropolymer films are used in architectural membranes to enhance energy efficiency. Their reflective properties help reduce heat gain and minimize the need for excessive cooling, resulting in energy savings.

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