Tedlar® Polyvinyl Fluoride Film

Product Summary

Ever woken up on the plan with your head wedged between the headers and the plastic wall panel? Chances are your cheek was pressed against some Dupont™ Tedlar® PVF protective film. It isn’t usually obvious to the naked eye, but you’ll know it’s there because of what you don’t see: stains, dir, graffiti, corrosion, mold, faded colors, flames.

Tedlar® is a versatile polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film that gives a durable finish to a huge range of surfaces that face harsh environments outside and inside. It’s chemically stable, heat resistant, and has non-stick properties that keep cleaning easy and make it an ideal release film.

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Product Benefits

Resistant to harsh acids, alkalis, cleaning solvents and detergents

Certain grades can be heat-sealed on one or both sides to reliably protect the contents

Protects building exteriors/architectural sidings from severe weather and UV damage for up to 50 years, reducing maintenance and replacement costs over time

Eliminates the need for extra wet-applied release agents for resin molds, as well as some processing steps like sanding

Chemically Stable
Easy to Clean
Environmentally Safe
Excellent Formability
Ink & Print Receptive
Long Life
Low Gas/Vapor Permeability
Reduces Manufacturing Cost
Resists Microbe Growth
Smoke / Flame Resistant
UV Protection
Various Colors Available
Various Surface Glosses

Challenges and Solutions

You’re preparing a tender to supply new train cars for an urban railway where graffiti is a serious problem, and need to show that your trains will be easy to clean.
Using Tedlar® film for interior and exterior hard surfaces will make it easy for the train operator to clean off paint and dirt, reducing labor and maintenance costs while providing a more pleasant commute for passengers.
You’re designing a new hospital wing, and the specs require measures that help to cut the risk of infection and make facilities easy to keep clean with hospital-grade chemicals.
Tedlar® is easy to laminate onto various substrates (including PVC, metal, wood and plasterboard) for interior walls and floors, fittings, furniture, and the like. Because it lacks additives like plasticisers, which can act as a nutrient source for fungi and other microbes, Tedlar® does not support mold and mildew growth. It’s also impervious to harsh cleaning chemicals over the long term.
For a building project in a coastal area, you need to select attractive roofing, sidings, and accents that will resist corrosion and retain their color over the next 30 years.
Tedlar® film is available in standard colors as well as custom color matching, which PolymerFilms can organize and supply for you for lamination onto the substrates . This will protect the structures from extreme weather while preserving the building’s visual appeal for the long term.
You’re planning a solar panel array for a client’s factory, but are wary of the quality of module back sheet materials available due to problems with deterioration that leads to modules failing.
While not the cheapest backsheet material on the market, Tedlar® PVF film has the industry’s lowest defect rate after 30 years’ service, which will help to maximize the array’s operating life and save on maintenance and replacement costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask our friendly Sales team, who will be happy to supply you with the specifications to help you make a decision.

The range of possible substrates is large, but common ones include steel, aluminum, PVC, polycarbonate, fiberglass-reinforced plywood, glass-reinforced plastic, Mylar fabric, and more. Please ask our friendly Sales team, who will be happy to supply you with a comprehensive list.

Different staining agents have different methods. Some, like gasoline and ethanol, just need a dry cloth, while others such as sauces take a wet cloth. Oily stains like whiteboard markers and paint will need detergent or solvent. Our Sales team has more details available.

Please contact your nearest PolymerFilms center by phone or email, fill in the contact form, or request a quote.

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