Autotex® XE Hardcoated PET Film

Hardcoated PET Film for Extreme Environments

Available in three gauges (150 – 280 μm), Autotex XE hardcoated film is specially designed with UV resistance to protect instrument, membrane switch, and fascia panels in harsh outdoor environments. Think marine, construction, and industrial settings where the temperature, humidity and sunlight are high or fluctuate widely.


The film comprises a base PET layer chemically bonded to a UV-cured hard coating. As well as excelling in tough weather, this hard coating—print-friendly, embossable, and texturable—withstands the rigors of repeated contact, chemical and common solvent exposure, and repeated flexing over the long term.


Printing on Autotex® XE

Autotex® XE contains a biaxially orientated polyester film, giving it outstanding solvent resistance. This means you can use screen-printing inks without risk of ink solvents penetrating the film.


You have the choice of specially formulated primer coatings on the second surface to boost ink receptivity. That means when printing, you’re not restricted to inks specifically made for polyester substrates – you can use UV-cured inks as well on the applicable grades.


You can also selectively print on Autotex® XE with Windotex® lacquer for transparent glossy or antiglare windows.

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Product Benefits

Consistent low-gloss textures across the film to counter glare and improve visibility for safety and eye comfort

Printable with solvent-based and UV-curable inks (according to grade) giving high color definition and fastness, for easy switch identification and vivid signage

Resists scratching, scuffing, chemicals, and solvents*2, ideal for marine, construction, and mining equipment

92% ± 2% for efficient use of backlighting

Robust in conditions up from -40°C to +85°C (-40 to +185°F) and 85%RH, so it won’t fail in the Canadian Arctic or the scorching Southwest

>5 million switch actuations (non-embossed switches)*1, preventing maintenance downtime and replacement costs

Resists yellowing, embrittlement and peeling under UV light over the long term, extending product life and reducing replacement costs

Fine for a smooth feel or velvet for extra haptic feedback

Consistent Low-Gloss Textures
Excellent Color Clarity for Autotex® XE
Exceptional Durability for Autotex® XE
High Light Transmission for Autotex® XE
Humidity and Temperature
Long Flex Life for Autotex® XE
Prevents UV Damage
Two Textures Available

Challenges and Solutions

Your company is designing new mobile inspection equipment for power infrastructure, and needs a tough film that ensures the smart screen will function reliably in hot and cold weather and high humidity.
Autotex® XE F200 is the film to choose. Its smooth, easy-glide texture enables accurate reproduction of users’ finger movements and is stable for years on end without degrading in outdoor environments.
You’re tendering to supply new information signs at a national park that experiences wide seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, and need a protect film to maximize sign life and maintainability.
Autotex® XE F153 is perfect, with a durable hardcoat protecting from environmental damage and outstanding color clarity for printed graphics. The film resists yellowing, embrittlement and peeling under the sun for years on end, saving on replacement costs, and is easy to clean with common chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Autotex® XE films are formulated specifically to resist degradation from UV light in extreme outdoor environments, to tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +85°C (-40 to 185°F), and to withstand relative humidity up to 85%. This makes them especially suited to outdoor membrane touch switches on construction equipment, outdoor signage, and fascias.

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