Autotex® Polyester Films

Textured Hardcoated Printable PET Films

Autotex® by MacDermid Enthone, the premier textured, hardcoated PET film globally, offers lasting protection against abrasion, scuffing, and chemicals. The standout feature is its versatile texture lineup—Fine, Velvet, Touch, Softouch, and Steel—catering to diverse needs like haptic feedback, smooth motion, formability, and appealing graphics.


As one of North America’s leading value-adding distributors PolymerFilms provides Autotex® in cut-to-size sheets and rolls, offering short lead times, accurate deliveries, competitive pricing, low minimum-order quantities, and reliable availability.


Autotex® comprises a PET layer bonded to a UV-cured hardcoat, offering durability against flexing, contact, and chemical exposure. With print-friendly, embossable features and various textures, it’s ideal for touchscreens, switches, overlays, and more. Elevate your projects with Autotex®—the epitome of durability and customization.

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Product Benefits

Textures contain no fillers, so are consistent across the film surface from batch

Enables shallow forming and embossing for membrane touch switches

Outstanding resistance to scratching, scuffing, and many household chemicals and industrial solvents

92% ± 2% for efficient backlighting

Proven to last >5 million switch actuations, preventing maintenance downtime and early replacement costs

Suits customer needs – think 200 μm for haptic feedback on embossed touch switches and touchpads

Colors of printed colors come to life, enhancing visual appeal and safety

Consistent, Uniform Finish
High Durability for Autotex® Polyester Films
High Light Transmission for Autotex® Polyester Films
Long Flex Life for Autotex® Polyester Films
Optimized Film Gauges
Outstanding Color Clarity for Autotex® Polyester Films

Challenges and Solutions

Your new machine’s control panel requires haptic feedback that operators can feel through gloves, and a stainless steel look to match the machine.
Choose Steel S200. It provides the right degree of feedback on membrane touch switches even through gloves, and is printable with metallic ink for a stainless look.
Your need a soft and highly formable film for the Braille membrane touch switches on your new medical device. It must be hard-wearing and easy to clean for years of continued use.
Consider Softouch ST203L. It’s soft to the touch, formable for Braille dots, and suits the bright UV-cured ink colors that help visually impaired people see what membrane switches to press.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In short, we don’t recommend it for outdoor use due to its limited resistance to UV light. For textured, hard-coated film, ask us about Autotex XE, also available from PolymerFilms.

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