Autotex® AM Hardcoated PET Antimicrobial Film

Antimicrobial Hardcoated Printable PET Film

Elevate hygiene in healthcare, food, and retail settings with Autotex® AM – an antimicrobial film designed to combat microbial contamination on equipment and surfaces. The hardcoated PET film integrates Microban® ZPTech® technology, inhibiting microbe growth 24/7. As one of North America’s leading value-adding distributors, PolymerFilms offers fast, reliable delivery with cut-to-size options, competitive pricing, and low minimum-order quantities.


Autotex® AM’s UV-cured hard coating withstands repeated contact, chemical exposure, and flexing. Choose from two textures – Touch for ultra-smooth switches and Fine for touchpads. Printing is a breeze with the primer-enhanced surface supporting a range of inks for screen and digital printing. Trust our experts for guidance on the right grade for your needs.

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Product Benefits

The integrated antimicrobial agent resists development of harmful microbes on surfaces that need contamination control between cleans, and doesn’t wear off with use during its expected service life

Can be embossed into domes or other raised shapes to provide tactile feedback on membrane touch switches

Outstanding resistance to scratching, scuffing, and many household chemicals and industrial solvents*1, so it retains the desired finish and performance over the long term

92% ± 2% for efficient use of backlighting

Proven to last more than 5 million switch actuations for membrane touch switches, preventing maintenance downtime and replacement costs

Printed colors come to life, enhancing visual appeal and safety

Gauges (150 and 200 μm) to suit a wide range of product specs

Embossable for Autotex AM
High Durability for Autotex AM
High Light Transmission for Autotex AM
Long Flex Life for Autotex AM
Outstanding Color Clarity for Autotex AM
Two Gauges

Challenges and Solutions

Your team is designing a new endoscope system, and needs to ensure the control panel stays as hygienic as possible during use.
AM T203L is the film to choose. Designed to suit membrane touch switches, this film provides excellent haptic feedback even through surgical gloves, and helps to improve safety by inhibiting microbe growth on the panel’s surface.
Your business fits out for restaurants, cafés, and commercial kitchens, and you’re looking for a value-add to help clients save labor by keeping surfaces clean and hygienic for longer and reduce the risk of food poisoning.
AM F153 L fits the bill for preparation surfaces, benches, and tables. The hardcoat resists wear and tear from staff and customers for longer service life, and the fine texture is easy to clean. What’s more, the antimicrobial agent acts 24/7 to inhibit bacterial growth between regular cleans, reducing the likelihood of accidental contamination and associated legal risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on your existing regular cleaning cycles. Autotex® AM does not replace cleaning—instead, it inhibits microbial growth between your normal cleans to cut the risk of cross-contamination and infection. It’s important to maintain your existing cleaning schedule even when using Autotex® AM.

Please ask our friendly Sales team, who will be happy to supply you with the specifications to help you make a decision.

In short, we don’t recommend it for outdoor use due to its limited resistance to UV light. For textured, hard-coated film, ask us about Autotex XE, also available from PolymerFilms.

Please contact your nearest PolymerFilms center by phone or email, fill in the contact form, or request a quote.

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