Autostat® CT Heat-stabilized Film

Heat-Stabilized Polyester Film

Autostat® CT, the circuitry substrate film for smart surfaces such as in-mold electronics (IMEs), membrane touch switches (MTSs), keypads, and touchscreens on human-machine interfaces (HMIs), is a flexible and clear heat-stabilized film. Pre-primed on both sides for printing, it guarantees minimal shrinkage at high temperatures—an essential feature for preserving tight registration tolerances throughout multiple printing steps.


Available in three gauges (75 – 175 μm), Autostat® CT features a clear PET layer chemically pre-primed for ink adhesion. With heat stabilization, it allows curing of conductive inks at up to 150°C (302°F), preserving dimensional stability and lay-flat properties. Ideal for displays.


Printing on Autostat® CT


Autostat® CT is specifically designed to carry conductive inks for switches and sensors, so it’s coated with an ink adhesion primer on the first and second surfaces. The primer provides strong adhesion to a broad range of solvent-based screen-printing inks as well as UV-cured dielectric inks. As different inks have different effects, make sure the ink you use suits the specific purpose.


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Product Benefits

Doesn’t curl or warp during printing. This means conductive ink printing is consistent and accurate, and reduces the likelihood of printer jams and misfeeds that hamper quality and efficiency

≥100-μm films ±0.2% max. at 150°C (302°F)/30 mins in the machining direction (MD), and ±0.08% max. at 150°C (302°F)/30 mins in the transverse direction (TD).

≤75-μm films, ±0.5% max. at 150°C (302°F)/30 mins in the MD, and ±0.1% max. at 150°C (302°F)/30 mins in the TD

Treated with a special primer on both surfaces to accept strong adhesion of silver, carbon, and dielectric inks for the desired conductivity

Proven to last than 5 million switch actuations, preventing maintenance downtime and replacement costs for applications like membrane touch switches, sliders, and pressure sensors

Haze of <2% tested under the ASTM D1003 standard, providing high clarity for displays

Excellent Lay-flat Properties
High Dimensional Stability for Autostat®
High Ink Compatibility
Outstanding Durability for Autostat®
Very Low Haze

Challenges and Solutions

You’re developing a human-machine interface for a new line of auto manufacturing equipment that will incorporate capacitive touchscreens. You need to select a circuitry substrate film robust and reliable enough for long-term industrial use.
Consider CT7. At 175 μm thick and proven to last more than 5 million switch actuations, this film is a tough, reliable substrate for printed circuits in capacitive touch controls. It suits factory equipment where operators may press hard on touchscreens and keypad switches.
Your company is updating its surgical endoscope system, which will incorporate a large touchscreen with new functions. To reduce the likelihood of surgical mishaps, the screen must convey touch commands to a high level of accuracy, the circuit substrate has to be clear so it doesn’t obstruct the display the camera image. Reliability is paramount.
Consider CT5. Its clarity means it won’t affect the camera image. This gauge strikes a balance without compromise in terms of the film being thick enough to endure regular use (proven to last more than 5 million switch actuations), but thin enough to be sensitive to light touches and accurately convey the intended movement to the circuit. This film and application neatly complement the hardcoated antimicrobial overlay, Autotex® AM.

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