Autoflex® EB Hardcoated Polyester Film

Autoflex® EB Hardcoated Polyester Film

Available in gloss and antiglare grades and various gauges (130 – 250 μm (5 – 10 mil)), Autoflex EB film comprises a base PET layer chemically bonded to a UV-cured hard coating. This hard coating—embossable and texturable—withstands the rigors of repeated contact, chemical and common solvent exposure, and repeated flexing over the long term.


Printing on Autoflex® EB


Autoflex® EB contains a biaxially oriented polyester film, giving it outstanding solvent resistance. This means you can use screen-printing inks without risk of ink solvents penetrating the film.


You have the choice of specially formulated primer coatings on the second surface to boost ink receptivity. That means when printing, you’re not restricted to inks specifically made for polyester substrates – you can use UV-cured inks as well on the applicable grades.


You can also selectively screen-print on Autotex® with Fototex™ varieties to produce high-quality matte textures on fascias, control panels, and membrane touch switches and the like.

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Product Benefits

Easy to form into desired shapes for membrane touch switches

Outstanding resistance to scratching, scuffing, and many household chemicals and industrial solvents*1, reducing maintenance and replacement over the long term

The Gloss variant has a gloss level (60°) of 96 ± 2 gloss units under the ASTM D2457 standard for strong visual appeal

High translucence (91% ± 2%) and low haze (>2% - approx. 11%) make it ideal for backlighting and display windows

Proven to last than 5 million switch actuations, preventing maintenance downtime and replacement costs

The Antiglare variant has a low gloss level (60°) of 50 ± 5 gloss units under the ASTM D2457 standard for high visual comfort in bright environments

Printed colors come to life, enhancing visual appeal and safety

Finishes are consistent across film surface and from batch to batch

High Durability for Autoflex® EB
High Gloss for Autoflex® EB
High Luminous Transmission
Long Flex Life
Low Glare for Autoflex® EB
Outstanding Color Clarity for Autoflex® EB
Uniform Finish for Autoflex® EB

Challenges and Solutions

You’re designing the control panels for exercise equipment. They need to incorporate raised membrane touch switches and windows for LCD displays, and be readable under bright gym lighting.
Choose EBA183L. It’s flexible so can suit panels with kinks or curves, is formable into domes that give good haptic feedback on membrane switches, and the antiglare finish makes text and graphics easy to read under gym lighting. Its high translucence suits backlit switches and displays, and printing with UV-cured ink gives vivid colors.
You need suitable film for the indium tin oxide-sputtered touchscreen on a home-use medical device. It must withstand abrasion and be easy to clean.
EBG130L’s hardcoat provides long-lasting abrasion from regular use, and the glossy surface is attractive, efficiently transmits light from the screen for high clarity, and accurately transfers pressure through the interface for a reliable and satisfying user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In short, we don’t recommend it for outdoor use due to its limited resistance to UV light. For textured, hard-coated film, ask us about Autotex XE, also available from PolymerFilms.

Please contact your nearest PolymerFilms center by phone or email, fill in the contact form, or request a quote.

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