Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate

Product Summary

APET (Amorphous-Polyethylene Terephthalate) films are thermal, rigid plastics that belong to the polyester product family. PolymerFilms offers a full line of APET film products from world-leading producers like Nan Ya Plastics and Primex Plastics Corporation. It offers an unsurpassed gloss and transparency, providing crystal clear visibility.

It is known to be a glossy, clear material and can come with an anti-fog finish. APET is known for its excellent chemical resistance and its toughness. Other features include superior impact strength, deep foaming capabilities, and gas and water barrier properties.

APET film is non-toxic and recyclable, making it extremely environmentally friendly. It is commonly seen in the Food and Beverage & Graphics / Print industries and works well in many other applications. Other uses of APET include packaging boxes, stationery, face shields, vacuum forming, fold molding, high-frequency sealing, and more.

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Product Benefits

Excellent Chemical Barrier
Excellent Transparency
Good Heat Resistance
Good Impact Resistance
Grease, Fat and Oil Resistant
UV Stability

Frequently Asked Questions

1 mil - 30 mil

Yes, APET film provides reliable protection for products. It offers resistance to impact, tearing, and punctures, ensuring that products remain protected during handling, transportation, and storage. APET film's chemical resistance also provides a barrier against oils, greases, and many solvents.

Yes, APET film is suitable for certain outdoor applications. It offers good weatherability and UV stability, enabling it to withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other environmental conditions. However, specific considerations such as UV resistance and environmental factors should be evaluated for each outdoor application.

Yes, APET film can be thermoformed. It can be heated and molded into desired shapes using thermoforming processes such as vacuum forming. APET film's excellent dimensional stability and thermoformability make it suitable for creating packaging trays, containers, and other custom-formed components.

Yes, APET film is commonly used in food packaging applications. It is a food-safe material that complies with relevant regulations for direct food contact. APET film offers transparency, durability, and resistance to moisture, making it suitable for packaging various food products.

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