Acrylic (PMMA / Polymethyl Methacrylate)

Product Summary

Acrylic, also known as Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) film, is a thermoplastic known to be one of the most economical and easily fabricated plastic films. PolymerFilms offers a full line of Acrylic film products from world-leading producers like Spartech (Acrylloyâ„¢). Many turn to this material as a cost-effective alternative to polycarbonate.

It offers clear, glass-like brilliance and translucence but is much lighter and more durable than glass. It presents high light transmissions and transparency. PolymerFilms stocks acrylic film in glossy, matte, velvet, and polished finishes in an array of different colors.

Acrylic boasts various high-performance properties, including optical clarity, low UV sensitivity, and overall weather resistance. It is sturdy, scratch-resistant, and can withstand heat lamination, making moldability easy. Coatings can be applied to this versatile material to enhance functionality, including scratch-resistance, anti-fog, or reflective characteristics.

Additionally, an acrylic film is slow-burning or even self-extinguishing and does not produce harmful smoke or gasses in the presence of a flame. Impact toughness meets clarity and UV protection of the acrylic, making it most suitable for applications in the Transportation and Graphics/Print industries. Other uses typically include lighting diffusers, sanitary products, displays, home appliances, electronic devices, and more.

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Product Benefits

Can be Heat Molded or Laminated
Excellent Transparency
Good Weatherability
Low UV Sensitivity

Frequently Asked Questions

3 mil - 30 mil

Red, Black, White, Clear

Yes, PMMA film can be easily printed using various printing techniques, such as screen printing or digital printing. It also accepts coatings and laminations, allowing for the application of additional functionalities like UV protection, anti-glare properties, or enhanced surface finishes.

PMMA film finds applications in various industries, including automotive, electronics, signage, lighting, packaging, medical, aerospace, furniture, and art. Its versatility and excellent optical properties make it a preferred choice in these sectors.

Yes, PMMA film complies with applicable safety regulations, such as those related to food contact, electrical insulation, and flame resistance. However, specific certifications and standards may vary depending on the intended application and regional requirements.

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